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'I love our young quarterback': Arthur Blank discusses Desmond Ridder

Falcons owner was impressed by Ridder during his four starts at the end of the 2022 season

While the Falcons haven't made a decision on who will be their starting quarterback in 2023, Falcons owner and chairman Arthur Blank was encouraged by what he saw in quarterback Desmond Ridder over the last four games of the season.

The Falcons owner felt that the rookie quarterback got better each game, more confident and self-assured within his own playmaking ability. What stuck out the most to Blank was that Ridder didn't throw a single interception or have a turnover. In Blank's mind, that was vital.


"I think that, from the time that we drafted Des, he stepped up in training camp. Obviously, he's a natural leader," Blank said in a Wednesday interview with "He created a good bond with all the rookies, and he's learned a lot from Marcus [Mariota] during that period of time. He was a good student of the game, a student of what Marcus did well. He was working closely with [former quarterbacks coach] Charles London and others that we have on staff. I think come December, the coach had to make a decision based on performance and he felt that Desmond deserved the opportunity."

Blank said that he's looking forward to seeing more of Ridder in the future. With the consistent improvement in each of the young players on the roster, Blank feels that the Falcons will certainly be a competitive team in 2023.

"I love our young quarterback," Blank said. "I know he only played four games but the trend line during those four games was all good. He didn't throw the ball to the other team which is a huge factor in winning games. He's not color blind, so I feel good about where we are and I think our fans should feel that way, honestly."

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