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2022 Season Ticket Member FAQs

I received a credit from the 2021 game in London. How is that applied to my account?

Credit from the 2021 game in London will automatically be applied to the first installment of your 2022 season ticket payment plan.

How much credit do I have on my account?

View account manager online. Credit from 2021 will be applied towards the first payment of the 2022 season ticket payment plan.

What happens to my season ticket credit if I default?

All credit for 2022 season tickets will be forfeited upon default.

How do I change or upgrade my seats in 2022?

All members in good standing on their PSL's will have the ability to participate in the upgrade program that takes place each March.

The card I have on file is no longer active/I would like to use a new card. How can I change it?

You may update your card on file by clicking on your 2022 invoice. You will be able to view the current card on file. To add a new card, select the edit option. It is requirement to have a current card on file. Therefore, if you do not want your payment to be automatically processed, please submit a payment prior to each installment date with a card.

What are my member benefits?

Check out the Member Benefit Chart.

I paid my 2021 PSL payment, can I defer my 2022 PSL installment?

There is not an option to defer 2022 PSL Payments.

Is there an opportunity to opt out of 2022 season tickets?

There is not an option to opt-out of 2022 season tickets.

When will member gear arrive?

Member gear will be sent prior to the first regular season Falcons home game.

How do I update my payment plan?

Please contact your rep.

Will the Falcons require proof of vaccination or masks in 2022?

Similar to 2021 games, there are no plans to make masks or proof of vaccination mandatory in 2022.