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We will continue to update this page with more questions and answers as we have more information around attending games in 2020.

Our goal is to provide as much information to our members as possible allowing them the opportunity to make an informed decision for the 2020 season. As new information becomes available, we will continue to update this page to keep you as informed as possible. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.


How many fans will be allowed to attend games inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Final determination on the number of fans that will be allowed into Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be based on league requirements, local and state orders and guidelines and CDC guidelines. We currently anticipate that during the first 4 home games of the regular season we will welcome between 10,000 and 20,000 fans at each game.

Will I be able to sit in my same seat?

Due to limited capacity and measures taken to provide physical distance between guests, it is unlikely that members will be able to buy their exact seats for games this season. However, selected members will have access to seats in their same price point.

How will I select my seats for games during the 2020 season?

Beginning July 22, all members will receive a survey to rank the first four regular season home games based on their preferences. Members will have until July 31to complete this survey.

After the survey has concluded, members will be entered into a random drawing based on their preferences to attend games. Members will be notified of their selection(s) and their date to select seats the first week in August.

When will the second drawing for the final four home games occur?

We anticipate another drawing to occur in October for the final four home games of the regular season.

Will I have to wear a mask at Falcons games?

Guests planning to attend Falcons home games in 2020 will be required to wear face coverings as required by current NFL guidelines in conjunction with CDC recommendations.

Will there be an opportunity to open more seats throughout the season if circumstances in regard to COVID-19 improve?

Once the season begins, any future increase in capacity will be determined by the NFL with guidance from the CDC.

How many games will I have the opportunity to attend during the 2020 season if I choose to participate?

Due to potential limitations on the number of tickets available for each game, we cannot guarantee that members will be able to buy tickets for any specific number of home games.

If I decide to not attend games during the 2020 season, will that forfeit my right to future season tickets and/or my PSL?

It will not. We understand that members, for various reasons, may not feel comfortable attending games during the 2020 season. Once we have announced our plan for members to attend games during the 2020 season, we will be able to make arrangements for members that wish to not attend games during this season.


When will I be able to purchase a parking pass for games?

We will communicate details for obtaining a parking pass in early August.

Will I be able to tailgate this season?

Information regarding parking and tailgating will be shared with members prior to providing options to purchasing parking.


What are my options if I do not wish to attend games during the 2020 season?

Members who do not wish to attend home games during the 2020 season are able to defer their season ticket payments to 2021. By deferring payments to 2021 and crediting 2020 ticket payments to 2021 season tickets, members will receive a price freeze on the cost of their 10-game season ticket price from 2020.

What makes the price freeze unique this year?

Starting in 2021 the NFL will begin a 17-game regular season. Each year the conferences will rotate between hosting 1 Pre-Season game with 9 Regular season games, and 2 Pre-Season games with 8 Regular season games.

Can I use my season ticket money to cover the cost of my PSL?

Yes. Members are able to move their season ticket credit to their PSL. Members will need to submit a request in writing in order to move money from their season ticket account to their PSL account.

What happens if I request a refund for money paid on my season tickets for 2020?

Members that receive a refund for their season ticket payments from the 2020 season will not be eligible for the price freeze on their season tickets for 2021

What happens if I am unable to make my PSL Payment?

We are currently developing plans for accounts that are facing financial burdens that would prevent them from making their annual PSL Installment.

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