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Articles - November 2012

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2012-11-01 Corners Expect A Physical Game With Dallas
2012-11-01 Production From Biermann Continues To Grow This Season
2012-11-02 Dent Ready to Step Up
2012-11-02 Falcons and Novelis Promote Recycling Through 2012 Season
2012-11-02 Behind the Facemask: Drew Davis
2012-11-02 Time Machine: Wrangling the Cowboys
2012-11-04 Falcons vs. Cowboys: Starters and Inactives
2012-11-04 Goodell Holds Forum With Falcons Fans
2012-11-04 First Half is Game of Inches for Falcons
2012-11-04 Turner Ignites Offense
2012-11-04 Transcripts: Falcons vs. Cowboys
2012-11-04 White, Jones Go Big Against Dallas
2012-11-05 What They Said: Falcons vs. Cowboys
2012-11-05 Falcons Announce Grant Opportunity for Youth and High School Teams
2012-11-05 Transcript: Mike Smith Monday News Conference
2012-11-06 Rodgers Continues To Find Big Gains
2012-11-06 Ask the Expert: Jeff Duncan
2012-11-06 Reynolds Placed on Injured Reserve
2012-11-06 Falcons On Pace for Big Numbers
2012-11-07 Falcons Release Polite, Sign Cox
2012-11-08 Time Machine: Toe-to-Toe in the Bayou
2012-11-08 Running Backs Get Strong Late In Games
2012-11-09 Gonzalez Expects LB Matchups Against Saints
2012-11-09 Despite Stats, Falcons Expect A Tough Saints Defense
2012-11-09 Behind the Facemask: Robert McClain
2012-11-11 Falcons at Saints: Starters and Inactives
2012-11-11 Falcons, Saints Trade Punches In First Half
2012-11-11 Gonzalez Reaches 100 TDs In Career
2012-11-11 Game Notes: Falcons at Saints
2012-11-12 What They Said: Falcons at Saints
2012-11-12 Transcript: Mike Smith Monday News Conference
2012-11-12 Falcons Release DE Ray Edwards
2012-11-13 Falcons Tend To Bounce Back Under Smith
2012-11-13 Ask the Expert: Kent Somers
2012-11-13 Falcons Make Moves, Add Toone
2012-11-14 Sidbury Headlines Young Ends Ready To Play
2012-11-14 Ryan, Falcons Prepare For Tough Cards Defense
2012-11-14 Falcons Staying Stable After Loss
2012-11-14 Transcript: Mike Smith Post-Practice Interview
2012-11-15 Time Machine: Falcons Turn to Hanspard
2012-11-15 Falcons Prepare To Rush Any Cardinals QB
2012-11-16 Gonzalez Expects Best Safeties Of The Year
2012-11-16 Behind the Facemask: Tim Toone
2012-11-18 Falcons vs. Cardinals: Starters and Inactives
2012-11-18 First Half Defense Keeps Falcons In Game
2012-11-18 Defense Comes Through In Ugly Win
2012-11-18 Offense Overcomes Tough Day in Fourth Quarter Comeback
2012-11-18 Game Notes: Falcons vs. Cardinals
2012-11-18 Transcripts: Falcons vs. Cardinals
2012-11-19 What They Said: Falcons vs. Cardinals
2012-11-19 Joe Hawley Suspended 4 Games By NFL
2012-11-19 Transcript: Mike Smith Monday News Conference
2012-11-20 McClain Making The Most Of Increased Time
2012-11-20 Ask the Expert: Ira Kaufman
2012-11-20 Falcons Sign Guard Gunn
2012-11-21 Biermann Part Of A Winning Defensive Effort
2012-11-21 Nicholas Quietly Proving Himself Valuable
2012-11-21 Transcripts: Mike Smith and Matt Ryan Interviews
2012-11-21 Despite Position Change, Barber Still Effective For Bucs
2012-11-22 Improved Run D Begins With Explosive Plays
2012-11-23 Pass D Faces Challenge In Improved Freeman
2012-11-23 Time Machine: Tampa Gets Taste of 'Gritz Blitz'
2012-11-25 Falcons at Bucs: Starters and Inactives
2012-11-25 Samuel, Spoon, Jones To Start Against Bucs
2012-11-25 Run Game Shines In Fast-Paced First Half
2012-11-25 Falcons Close Out Tight Game In Tampa
2012-11-25 Falcons Reverse Run Game Trends In Tampa
2012-11-25 Game Notes: Falcons at Bucs
2012-11-25 Transcripts: Falcons at Bucs
2012-11-26 What They Said: Falcons At Bucs
2012-11-26 Transcript: Mike Smith Post-Practice Interview
2012-11-27 Falcons Setting Late-Game Heroics Records
2012-11-27 Thursday Night's Game To Air Locally on CW69
2012-11-27 Atlanta School Needs Votes to Beat New Orleans School
2012-11-27 Time Machine: Recapturing 2008
2012-11-27 Ask The Expert: Ted Lewis
2012-11-27 Lofton, Vitt Expect Tough Falcons Team
2012-11-27 Falcons Have Good History In Short Weeks
2012-11-27 Transcripts: Tuesday Interviews
2012-11-28 Falcons Aim To Correct Red Zone Trend
2012-11-28 Defense Looks To Return To Turnover-Forcing Ways
2012-11-28 Three-DT Front Helping In Run Defense
2012-11-29 Samuel In, Jerry Out Against Saints
2012-11-29 Official Starters and Inactives: Falcons vs. Saints
2012-11-29 Turner Burns In First Half Against Saints
2012-11-29 Falcons Own Brees in Huge Division Win
2012-11-29 Game Notes: Falcons vs. Saints
2012-11-29 Transcripts: Falcons vs. Saints
2012-11-30 What They Said: Falcons vs. Saints
2012-11-30 Falcons Announce Refurbished Equipment and Field Repair Grant Recipients
2012-11-30 Transcript: Mike Smith Friday News Conference