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Transcripts: Falcons vs. Cardinals

Head coach Mike Smith

Opening statement:
"One of the mainstays of our football team since we've gotten here in 2008 is to play hard and play hard for 60 minutes and that's what we did today. We obviously didn't play our best football game. The ball had some funny bounces, and you're going to win games in different ways and we did that today. I felt like our defense played well all day. They were put in some very difficult situations, in terms of field position and were able to step up and make some plays. We'll take the win, obviously, and we'll get back to work on Monday trying to correct a lot of things that we have to correct."

On getting that one yard run touchdown when you needed it most:
"We were able to get some movement and we were able to get that precious one yard. They are hard to come by. It was blocked correctly. The offensive line did a nice job and Michael was able to step in. Again, it's a fine line each and every week when you play in the National Football League.That's a very good football team. My hat's off to them. They played us very, very tough."

On a couple of things you need to correct:
"We can't turn the ball over the way we turned the ball over, obviously. You can't be minus four in the turnovers, and normally, you're not going to win games. That doesn't happen very often in the National Football League. We've got to find a way to quit misfitting and giving up big runs. We've got to find a way for the coach not to throw a challenge flag at the wrong time. I can assure you that one will be addressed very quickly."

Quarterback Matt Ryan

Opening Statement:
"That was a very hard fought victory for us. I thought our defense and special teams, and specifically our defense did a great job today. We put them in some tough spots and they responded and kept us in the game. We somehow found a way to win."

On moving on after interceptions:
"You can't worry about it. Part of playing this position in this League is knowing that there will be times when you make mistakes and fall flat on your face. You just have to get up and keep playing and keep throwing. In those situations I just try and worry about the next play. You just have to forget about the last play and move on to the next one and try and make good decisions and put the ball where it needs to be."

On keeping calm after throwing five interceptions, and rallying teammates:
"I think that there are a lot of hats you wear as quarterback. Part of it is player, and part of it is keeping everybody on the same page and being relaxed. Our message was that even after turning the ball over three times in the first half, we were still right there; we were one score away. When we did finally get on top, it was just one of those things to keep plugging away and keep battling and I think everyone did a great job with it."

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