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Transcripts: Falcons vs. Saints

Head coach Mike SmithOpening statement:
"Tonight that was a really good win for our football team. I thought our defense played a tremendous game. Anytime you pick off five passes in a ballgame you've done a nice job. I thought that our guys showed a ton of resiliency throughout the entire football game. We entered tonight's game wanting to get a positive result and get mission 11 accomplished and I thought we did that."

On the defense:
"I can't say enough about it. They made plays when the ball was in the air. I felt like we had some opportunities believe it or not to make a couple of other plays. That's a very good quarterback that is normally a very efficient player and we are fortunate to take the ball away. I thought we did a nice job with our pressure in the ballgame and did a real good job of making them one dimensional. We did not give them the run game like we did the last time that we played them."

On CB Christopher Owens making some plays:
"I'll have to watch the tape, but standing there on the sideline I thought Christopher did a very nice job. Had a nice breakup there in the fourth quarter on a honey-hole shot against cover two. This is a team that when the next guy has to come up they step up. I can't say enough about the resiliency of this football team."

On the decision to kick the long field goal in the fourth quarter:
"That's a big decision. There are a lot of decisions that are made and had all of the confidence in the world in K Matt Bryant and that he would make that field goal. We knew if we didn't get the outcome our defense would go out there and make the play to keep them off. It was a no brainer in my mind. Matt Bryant is a guy that makes plays like that all the time. He's made them for us since he's been with us."

On ending QB Drew Brees touchdown streak:
"I didn't realize that and we walked off the field and somebody told me. It's an unbelievable streak. Drew Brees is an outstanding quarterback. The way that our defense played tonight it speaks volumes of how they played. This is a guy that has gone out there and thrown touchdown after touchdown, game after game after game. Just says a whole bunch about the way our football team played tonight."

On S William Moore:
"I thought William Moore had an outstanding game. Not only the turnovers but he dislodged a ball on a pass down our sideline that probably would have given a first down inside the 15 yard line. It was a big time play coming over the top on RB Darren Sproles."

On coming out being successful with the run early:
"We haven't run the ball as effectively as we would like to throughout the first nine games of the season. I think that we got into a rhythm. I've always said it. You've got to be able to run the football at some point in time during the season. I thought the guys did a nice job. We blocked extremely well at the point of attack and we had holes for the running back to get to the second level. Both RB Michael Turner and RB Jacquizz Rodgers I thought had an outstanding night running the football. It starts with the blocking up front."

On stopping them from getting points at the end of the half:
"That was huge, very big. We got off the field with no points in that situation because we were reeling a little bit there in the second quarter in terms of getting some stops. We were able to get that stop and they were out of timeouts. They threw the ball in bounds and were not able to get the next play off."

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