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What They Said: Falcons vs. Cowboys

  • Tony Gonzalez couldn't make much sense of the mind-blowing stats the Falcons put up on offense, yet only came away with one touchdown: "It doesn't make too much sense, putting up stats like that. But at the same time we did what we had to do, and we're concerned with coming out with wins. It isn't too much about stats; it's about coming out and getting these victories. And I'm happy we didn't turn the ball over. That's important."
  • Dallas' offense boasts plenty of offensive playmakers much like Atlanta's does. Safety William Moore said they had two guys in mind they wanted to keep limited: "Stopping their playmakers basically: Dez Bryant, Jason Witten. Witten started getting those catches at the end, but we knew that when they started running the hurry-up offense. We just had to execute what we had."
  • The running game continues to show signs of life, especially late in ball games. Michael Turner broke 100 yards for the second time this season and said as things progressed in the game, they began to figure out what they could accomplish: "We figured out what the defense was doing as far as the pass rush was concerned. We protected Matt (Ryan) a lot better; in the first half he took a few shots, but our offense line did a great job in the second half. That also helped the run game."
  • For the second straight game the Falcons run defense has kept an opponent to less than 100 yards rushing. Linebacker Stephen Nicholas said it was a matter of time and gaining familiarity with all the pieces and parts of the defense: "We just needed to build the chemistry with each other as a unit. The more we played with each other, the better we communicated, played and fought as a whole."
  • They gave up yards, but they only gave up one touchdown. Head coach Mike Smith thought the pressure on Dallas QB Tony Romo was a positive, but he wants tackling to continue to be something that improves: "I thought that we were able to affect the quarterback. ...I thought we did a nice job and there were some errant throws and there was some pressure. I felt like coming in at halftime we did not tackle well in the first half defensively. That was the thing that stuck out. Schematically, what we had in place was a very solid game plan and I think except for the one drive when we went up there at the end of the ball game when they took the ball down methodically on us. We did a nice job on the defensive side. We have to tackle better."
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