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Questions about the Falcons' secondary, Vic Beasley, Vikings, game tickets and NFL Draft


We're another day closer to kicking off this 2019 season – and finally seeing these Falcons in a regular-season game that actually matters in the standings. You, meanwhile, have plenty of questions and comments about the roster, the season ahead and how this team will come together. So, let's get to them now. Just remember that all opinions here are mine unless otherwise noted.

And we're off.

Michael from Sioux Falls, SD
Hey Beek. Long time Falcons fan. Finally getting to see them play in person Week 1 against Minnesota! I am super excited! What are some good pointers to make the best of a first-time experience especially at an away game?

Matt: Get there early, find your seats, take in the stadium and walk the concourse, etc. Once the game starts, be (very) loud, proud and polite (you are representing the ATL even though you're from Sioux Falls. Hopefully you walk out of there with a win, Michael. Have fun.

Petty Officer First Class Christopher from the USS Wasp (somewhere in the Pacific)
Beek, I love your SFTB; been reading on a regular basis for a couple years. I have a question about deals on tickets. I haven't been to a Falcons game since their last visit to Seattle, I believe in 2011. I was stationed in Whidbey Island, Washington, at the time. The time before that was the infamous "The Bird Game" when M.V. showed the fans his appreciation to the boos he was receiving.

Matt: Chris, thank you for your service – and for reading SFTB! Here's a link to tickets for Falcons games. The Falcons will be playing the Seahawks again this season, but this they'll square off at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Week 8 on Oct. 27, right before the bye week. Hope this helps.

Kevin from Conyers, GA
Matt, the decision to keep 5 running backs and a fullback must be keeping defensive coordinators everywhere working overtime! "They must be committed to the run! How can we stop both?!" We brought in maulers on the offensive line! Correction, MAULERS!!! And, that's what they're going to do. Pound, pound, pound!!! Pass blocking is an art but run blocking is savage and our savages are better.

Matt: Kevin, we're about to find out just how good that offensive line is going to be. The Vikings' defensive front is very good, and this will be a tremendous test right out of the gates – and on the road in a tough environment. If people start referring to the Falcons offensive line as maulers and savages, well, that would be a very good sign I'd think.

Mike from Lincolnton, GA
Do you think keeping Vic Beasley when we could get a lot for him was a good move? He does not have the fire in his belly, I think. I have never missed a game since '65. Getting old. We need to win now.

Matt: Hey, Mike. It's always cool to hear from fans who were there from the very beginning. The Falcons are lucky to have loyal fans like you. As far as your point on Vic Beasley, the one thing I always counter with when people speculate what could've been is, how do you know the Falcons could have gotten "a lot" for him? How does anyone know what the trade interest there was? And if there was real interest, and the offer was good, I'm sure the Falcons would have considered all of their options. So, the fact that Beasley is here and that the Falcons do think they can get the most out of him in what is shaping up to be a make-or-break season for him, should tell you something, Mike. The Falcons know what they have in Beasley, and obviously believe it's better than any of the options out there.

Burbee from Rome, GA
Good morning, Beek. This is Byrdmann from Rome, Ga. I was wondering if the Falcons kept Tony Brooks-James on the practice squad, and if not, why?

Matt: So are you Burbee or Byrdmann? You stumped me on that one. Tony Brooks-James did not make the Falcons' 53-man roster or the practice squad. He was signed to the Buccaneers' practice squad. As it stands right now, the Falcons have running backs and one fullback on their current roster. That's a big number, and they obviously like all of those guys a lot. You never know what will happen down the road, but Brooks-James did go for it in that last game against the Jaguars, and that 52-yard run was sweet.

Omar from Orange, GA
Hey, Beek. Thanks for answering our questions! I'm excited and nervous about our secondary. What are your thoughts on Isaiah Oliver and moving Damontae Kazee from a productive safety spot last year to nickel this year (a move that needed to be made given Ricardo Allen and Keanu Neal's return)? Can't wait for Sunday!

Matt: That's one group I'm definitely going to watch closely, Omar. While Desmond Trufant is the most experienced of the cornerbacks, Isaiah Oliver is now the starter opposite him. I'm sure he'll be tested by the likes of Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs on Sunday. I wouldn't say I'm concerned, but it will be telling.

Dock from Fairburn, GA
In your opinion, should we cut Matt Schaub to save some money and go with Danny Etling? Danny looked good last Thursday.

Matt: In my opinion, no way. If Matt Ryan couldn't play for some reason – a play, series, quarter or even a game or two – I would want Matt Schaub behind center, and not Danny Etling. Schaub knows the offense, has tons of experience, has thrown for a ton of yards in this league and can make all of the throws still. Danny Etling barely knows the offense, but he has some wheels on him – I'll give him that. In time he might develop into a solid option, but not right now, Dock. And if this team is even talking about the playing the backup quarterback for any meaning length of time, that's not a good sign at all.

Matthew from Tuscumbia, AL
Thankfully, Atlanta is a legit contender this year and has been for a while. But hypothetically, if Atlanta were a tanking team, who is one player you would want us to go all in to draft?

Matt: Wow, talk about a buzz crush. It's Week 1, Matthew, and you want me to think about the season the season going down the tubes? It's too soon. And Dan Quinn teams would never tank. But I'll play along and say … Ohio State defensive end Chase Young. Teams can always use good pass rushers.

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