Videos - December 2017

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2017-12-01 Salute to Service Week Presented by Zaxby's
2017-12-01 15 years ago: Vick's amazing run
2017-12-01 Questions for Jarrett
2017-12-01 Sound FX: Dan Quinn Mic'd Up
2017-12-01 Julio has moved to "Michael Jordan level"
2017-12-01 Quinn gives injury update
2017-12-01 Freeman returns on Sunday
2017-12-01 Shoe Talk: Sanu gives special shoutout to his son
2017-12-01 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Vikings
2017-12-03 Can't miss play: McKinley flies in for a sack
2017-12-03 Dan Quinn's opening statement
2017-12-03 Quinn: 'We feel different with [Freeman]'
2017-12-03 Dan Quinn on 3rd down struggles vs Minnesota
2017-12-03 Matt Ryan full press conference
2017-12-03 Game highlights: Vikings 14, Falcons 9
2017-12-04 Mic'd Up: DT Dontari Poe
2017-12-04 Quinn discusses third down struggles against the Vikings
2017-12-04 Quinn evaluates RB Alvin Kamara
2017-12-04 Quinn talks about the running back battle this week
2017-12-04 Film Session: Vikings vs Falcons
2017-12-04 Ryan looks at New Orleans for Thursday
2017-12-04 Manuel evaluates Falcons defense against Vikings
2017-12-04 Ishmael addresses the media
2017-12-04 Campbell looks at the Saints' running game
2017-12-05 Falcons playoff push
2017-12-05 Color Rush: All red everything
2017-12-05 Quinn talks about DT Grady Jarrett
2017-12-05 Quinn encouraged by Falcons' offensive line
2017-12-05 Quinn calling for a 'packed house' Thursday
2017-12-05 Jones wants the offense to be more aggressive
2017-12-05 Allen evaluates Saints' running backs
2017-12-05 Sarkisian talks about missed opportunities
2017-12-05 Armstrong evaluates Saints' returners
2017-12-05 Game Preview: Falcons vs. Saints
2017-12-06 Questions for Deion Jones
2017-12-06 Quinn speaks to media ahead of Thursday night
2017-12-06 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Saints
2017-12-07 Pregame Hype: NO vs. ATL
2017-12-07 Can't miss play: Sanu gives ball to his son after TD
2017-12-07 Can't miss play: Devonta scores first Falcons touchdown
2017-12-07 Matt Bryant's 1,000th point as a Falcon
2017-12-07 Devonta Freeman highlights vs New Orleans
2017-12-07 Game highlights: Falcons 20, Saints 17
2017-12-07 Ryan addresses the media
2017-12-07 Dan Quinn's opening statement from NOvsATL
2017-12-07 Quinn talks about Deion Jones game ending interception
2017-12-08 Mic'd Up: S Keanu Neal
2017-12-08 Dan Quinn's week 14 victory speech
2017-12-11 Film Session: Saints vs Falcons
2017-12-11 Sights and Sounds: Falcons vs. Saints
2017-12-12 Quinn focused on divisional matchup
2017-12-12 Quinn excited to be back
2017-12-12 '91 Falcons Documentary
2017-12-13 Division games are always a battle
2017-12-14 Quinn explains how Beasley's role has changed throughout season
2017-12-14 Ryan discusses matchup with Tampa Bay
2017-12-14 Manuel breaks down Winston, Tampa Bay offense
2017-12-15 Game Preview: Falcons vs. Buccaneers
2017-12-15 Quinn talks about "the ball"
2017-12-15 Quinn breaks down differences between running backs.
2017-12-15 Jones looking at playing Tampa Bay
2017-12-15 Sarkisian addresses the media
2017-12-15 Armstrong addresses the media
2017-12-16 Shoe Talk: Sanu pays respect to Warrick Dunn
2017-12-17 Game Trailer: Falcons at Buccaneers
2017-12-18 Pregame Hype: ATL at TB
2017-12-18 Can't miss play: Ryan hits Hardy for 27 yards
2017-12-18 Can't miss play: Ryan finds Hardy for 6-yard TD
2017-12-18 Can't miss play: WR Julio Jones fingertip catch
2017-12-18 Can't miss play: TE Toilolo saves TD after Freeman fumbles
2017-12-18 Can't miss play: Neal forces fumble, Falcons recover
2017-12-18 Can't miss play: Falcons swarm Winston for the sack
2017-12-18 Can't miss play: Freeman trucks on powerful run
2017-12-18 Can't miss play: Freeman with juke move on 32-yard TD
2017-12-18 WATCH: Freeman's top 5 plays | Week 15
2017-12-18 Game Highlights: Falcons 24, Buccaneers 21
2017-12-18 Matt Ryan discusses Freeman's performance vs Bucs
2017-12-18 Quinn showed team an Arturo Gatti fight to motivate them
2017-12-18 Matt Ryan's full postgame press conference
2017-12-18 Quinn addresses the media following Monday's win
2017-12-19 Does the short week change the Falcons process to get ready?
2017-12-19 Mic'd Up: QB Matt Ryan
2017-12-19 Film Session: Falcons vs Buccaneers
2017-12-20 Manuel praises Ricardo Allen for tackling
2017-12-20 Quinn describes Devonta Freeman's style
2017-12-20 Ryan: We're focused on right now
2017-12-20 Sights and Sounds: Falcons at Buccaneers
2017-12-21 Game Preview: Falcons vs. Saints
2017-12-21 Quinn discusses the Falcons and Saints rivalry
2017-12-21 Quinn looks back at Freeman's college career
2017-12-21 Jones talks about the offense
2017-12-21 Sarkisian talks about the Falcons' offensive line
2017-12-21 Armstrong addresses the media
2017-12-22 Questions for Takk
2017-12-22 Quinn addresses the media
2017-12-22 Shoe Talk: Sanu honors Tommy Nobis
2017-12-24 Pregame Hype: ATL vs. NO
2017-12-24 Can't miss play: Gabriel gains 20 yards on screen pass
2017-12-24 Can't miss play: Jones pulls in 23-yard catch
2017-12-24 Can't miss play: Jones nearly takes interception to the house
2017-12-24 Can't miss play: Ryan throws deep pass to Jones for 44 yards
2017-12-24 WATCH: Julio Jones highlights | Week 16
2017-12-24 Quinn shifts focus to last regular season game
2017-12-24 Quinn talks about Freeman's confidence
2017-12-24 Ryan disappointed in the missed opportunities
2017-12-24 Ryan looks to get back to work
2017-12-24 Game Highlights: Falcons 13, Saints 23
2017-12-26 Film Session: Falcons vs Saints
2017-12-27 Quinn talks about stopping Newton
2017-12-27 Quinn on owning missed opportunities
2017-12-27 McKinley looking to bring pressure
2017-12-27 Allen takes a look back at last matchup
2017-12-27 Jarrett discusses defensive discipline
2017-12-27 QB Matt Ryan addresses the media
2017-12-27 Marquand Manuel addresses the media
2017-12-28 Quinn wants to trust the training
2017-12-28 Quinn talks offensive line toughness
2017-12-28 Game Preview: Falcons vs. Panthers
2017-12-28 Jones talks about 'handling our business'
2017-12-28 Sarkisian addresses the media
2017-12-28 Armstrong addresses the media
2017-12-29 Katie Levitre goes into Labor at a Falcons game
2017-12-29 Questions for Gabriel
2017-12-29 Shoe Talk: Sanu shows off holiday cleats
2017-12-30 Game Trailer: Panthers at Falcons
2017-12-31 Can't miss play: Allen intercepts Cam
2017-12-31 Can't miss play: Keanu Neal's first career interception
2017-12-31 Can't miss play: Alford picks off Newton
2017-12-31 Game highlights: Falcons 22, Panthers 10
2017-12-31 Quinn talks about Falcons' playoff berth
2017-12-31 Ryan's thoughts on playoffs
2017-12-31 Ryan praises the defense for Sunday's win