Videos - October 2017

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2017-10-01 Pregame Hype: ATL vs. BUF
2017-10-01 Can't miss play: Freeman gets into the end zone
2017-10-01 Can't miss play: Hardy scores for Atlanta
2017-10-01 Game highlights: Bills 23, Falcons 17
2017-10-01 Quinn unhappy that Falcons are -4 in the turnover margin for 2017
2017-10-01 Dan Quinn discusses 4th and 1 play call
2017-10-01 Quinn talks benefits of bye week
2017-10-01 Ryan breaks down critical play-action play
2017-10-01 AT&T Atlanta Falcons Postgame Report
2017-10-02 Mic'd Up: RB Devonta Freeman
2017-10-02 Film Session: Bills vs Falcons
2017-10-02 Quinn evaluates the rookie class
2017-10-02 Quinn: we've been committed to the run game
2017-10-02 Quinn loves the resiliency
2017-10-03 Time to learn and get better
2017-10-03 Arthur Blank surprises Warrick Dunn
2017-10-03 Getting recharged and refocused during bye week
2017-10-04 Season highlights and stats through week 4
2017-10-05 Taylor Gabriel breaks down his favorite play
2017-10-09 Quinn looks at improvements
2017-10-09 Quinn: we talked about resetting
2017-10-09 Schraeder excited to return
2017-10-09 Allen talks leadership even on the sideline
2017-10-09 Trufant thankful for early bye week
2017-10-11 Quinn takes a look at Dolphins' offense
2017-10-11 Quinn likes the depth of Falcons' offense
2017-10-11 Quinn emphasizes the importance of turnovers
2017-10-11 Freeman looks ahead to Miami
2017-10-11 Ryan looking forward to getting back on the field
2017-10-11 Manuel breaks down Cutler
2017-10-12 Questions for Freeman
2017-10-12 Quinn talks about taking care of the ball
2017-10-12 Quinn wants to create more turnovers
2017-10-12 Jones: we're not looking back
2017-10-12 Hooper's ready to compete
2017-10-12 Sarkisian evaluates the offense
2017-10-13 Deion Jones breaks down his favorite play
2017-10-13 Week 6: Keys to Falcons-Dolphins matchup
2017-10-13 Quinn recaps the week leading up to the Dolphins
2017-10-13 Falcons expect a fight
2017-10-13 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Dolphins
2017-10-14 InBrotherhood coming soon...
2017-10-15 Can't miss play: Ryan goes deep to Hall for score
2017-10-15 Can't miss play: Tevin reaches for touchdown
2017-10-15 Can't miss play: Debo picks off Cutler
2017-10-15 Can't miss play: Freeman bursts for a 44-yard gain
2017-10-15 Game highlights: Dolphins 20, Falcons 17
2017-10-15 Dan Quinn's opening statement
2017-10-15 Quinn comments on Hall's first NFL catch
2017-10-15 Ryan emphasizes consistency and execution
2017-10-15 Falcons must be consistent to win
2017-10-16 Mic'd Up: S Ricardo Allen
2017-10-16 Film Session: Dolphins vs Falcons
2017-10-16 Quinn: we need to attack the whole field
2017-10-16 Quinn talks about improving run defense
2017-10-16 Quinn talks Julio Jones
2017-10-16 Relive Hall's touchdown in slow motion
2017-10-17 Falcons go back to work
2017-10-18 Quinn talks the importance of more plays
2017-10-18 Quinn: Ryan and Jones both leaders
2017-10-18 Quinn breaks down WR Brandin Cooks
2017-10-18 Quinn looking for explosive plays every week
2017-10-18 Allen talks about Gronkowski
2017-10-18 Hall makes the play
2017-10-18 Trufant ready to face Patriots again
2017-10-18 Ryan has high expectations for Falcons' offense
2017-10-18 Manuel scouts QB Tom Brady
2017-10-19 Questions for Allen
2017-10-19 Quinn excited to have Sanu back
2017-10-19 Quinn breaks down the Patriots' defense
2017-10-19 Quinn talks about areas for improvement
2017-10-19 Jones has faith in his teammates to make plays
2017-10-19 How can the Atlanta Falcons get back on track?
2017-10-19 Sarkisian: we believe in running the ball
2017-10-20 Week 7: Keys to Falcons-Patriots matchup
2017-10-20 Shoe Talk: Sanu pays homage to Ric Flair
2017-10-20 Players to watch: Matt Ryan
2017-10-20 Quinn gives final injury update ahead of ATLvsNE
2017-10-20 Game Trailer: Falcons at Patriots
2017-10-22 In Brotherhood We Trust: Did we mean it?
2017-10-22 Pregame Hype: ATL at NE
2017-10-22 Can't miss play: Ryan scrambles to convert on 4th down
2017-10-22 Can't miss play: Jones gets over 8,000 receiving yards
2017-10-22 Can't miss play: Freeman breaks loose for 21-yard gain
2017-10-22 Can't miss play: Jones outduels Butler on epic end-zone leap
2017-10-22 Game Highlights: Falcons 7, Patriots 23
2017-10-22 Quinn: tough night for us
2017-10-22 Quinn talks about what's next
2017-10-22 Ryan talks about missed opportunities
2017-10-22 Ryan: tale of inconsistencies
2017-10-23 Film Session: Falcons vs Patriots
2017-10-23 Quinn: we're clear on our identity
2017-10-23 Quinn on correcting missed opportunities
2017-10-23 Quinn: we had right play call, poor execution
2017-10-23 Mic'd Up: DT Grady Jarrett
2017-10-25 Quinn: the bear is not loose
2017-10-25 Quinn breaks down Jets
2017-10-25 Freeman: we're all on the same page
2017-10-25 Weatherspoon looks forward to playing
2017-10-25 Ryan breaks down Jets defense
2017-10-25 Manuel discusses Josh McCown, Jets defense
2017-10-26 Questions for Campbell
2017-10-26 Falcons getting more work in practice
2017-10-26 Jones on improving communication
2017-10-26 Weatherspoon is back
2017-10-26 Sarkisian focuses on the Jets
2017-10-27 Week 8: Keys to Falcons-Jets matchup
2017-10-27 Quinn sums up the week of practice
2017-10-27 Shoe Talk: Dragon Ball Z & Cancer Awareness
2017-10-27 Game Trailer: Falcons at Jets
2017-10-29 Pregame Hype: ATL at NYJ
2017-10-29 Can't miss play: Hooper brushes off defender for TD
2017-10-29 Can't miss play: Ryan breaks into the open field for a huge rush
2017-10-29 Can't miss play: Ryan deep throw to Julio Jones for 53 yards
2017-10-29 Can't miss play: Sanu diving touchdown catch
2017-10-29 Can't miss play: Coleman's 2nd longest run of career
2017-10-29 Can't miss play: Kemal Ishmael recovers dropped punt
2017-10-29 Game highlights: Falcons 25, Jets 20
2017-10-29 Dan Quinn on the outside noise
2017-10-29 Quinn: a good team win
2017-10-29 Matt Ryan week 8 highlights vs New York
2017-10-29 Quinn pleased with Sanu's performance
2017-10-29 Ryan: hardest conditions I've played in
2017-10-29 Quinn: make sure everyone is doing their job
2017-10-29 Matt Ryan on explosive plays
2017-10-30 Mic'd Up: CB Robert Alford
2017-10-30 Quinn looks back at win over Jets
2017-10-30 Quinn on the Falcons' run defense
2017-10-30 Quinn explains the commitment to the run
2017-10-30 Quinn says explosive plays helped momentum
2017-10-30 Film Session: Falcons vs Jets
2017-10-31 Sights and Sounds: Falcons at Jets