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Bair Mail: On Tyree Wilson, Bijan Robinson, drafting a WR at No. 8, DeAndre Hopkins and more

Your questions get answers in this Wednesday mailbag

Editor's note:The statements and opinions regarding players and/or potential future players in the article below are those of the editorial staff and are not of the Atlanta Falcons' football personnel unless noted in a direct quote.

Hey everyone. It has been far too long. We were super busy during and right after the NFL owners meetings, with plenty to discuss after Arthur Smith, Arthur Blank and Terry Fontenot spoke to the media.

We had Desmond Ridder named the Falcons starting quarterback to start 2023, plus a Calais Campbell signing. Love the move, by the way. He provides an instant and significant upgrade to the defensive front and the Falcons locker room. Huge get.


You can see the Smith/Fontenot vision playing out according to plan and, if Ridder has a good year, there's no reason to think the Falcons can't win the division.

It's going to be an interesting year in the NFC South. While free-agent signings have slowed, we have the NFL Draft coming up as another way to upgrade the roster if it's executed right. You've got questions about what the Falcons have done and what they might do over the next month. Hopefully I've got some decent answers. Ha. Let's get right to them.

Barry Wynn from Rex, Ga.

Scott, congrats on the Falcons literally beefing up the defensive line. Obviously these are short term fixes but makes the team more competitive. So many times have opposing offensive lines just pushed the defense around. So it sets the draft up and obviously the qb's will go first but it's more likely that a really good player will be there at eight. Between Jalen Carter, Bijan Robinson, and the pass rusher out of Texas Tech would you take? They are all equally worthy.

Bair: I'm of the opinion that the Falcons should keep fingers crossed for four quarterbacks to get take in the top seven. That would push a top four non-quarterback to the Falcons. That's a good deal if you can get it. It's entirely possible the Falcons have all three of your options – Jalen Carter, Bijan Robinson and Tyree Wilson – available to them. While I think Wilson will be the least likely to make it to No. 8, that's the guy I'd go for if he's around.

Wilson is a hulk, standing 6-foot-6 and 276 pounds. He's ideal for a Saints-style front and would make the defensive line an intimidator. I known Bijan Robinson doesn't feel at need and maybe No. 8 is too high for a runner, but he's such a. unique player. I'd think long and hard about that one. Jalen Carter might be the top talent in the draft, but I lean toward safer picks if I'm the GM. But that's just me. I'm sure Georgia fans would hate that, but my gut would say to go with Wilson.

Bill Whitten from Killen, Ala.

Given the Falcons free agent signings which addressed most if not all their glaring weakness what odds do you give that Atlanta drafts a wide receiver like Quentin Johnston or Jaxon Smith-Njigba?

Bair: You're right, Bill, that the Falcons must address the reicever position before the season starts. I don't know about the fan appetite for another first-round receiver after taking Kyle Pitts and No. 4 and Drake London at No. 8 in the last two drafts. That might start a riot. I'm also not sure that the top end receivers are at the same level as what they were last year. I could see a skill player coming in Day 2, though.

I think Cincinnati's Tyler Scott could be an option, considering his experience with Desmond Ridder. I still think someone with top end speed could be attractive, even with Scotty Miller in town.

Mike Oxbig from San Diego, Calif.

Hello ATL! I'm originally from Flowery Branch and HUGE Falcons and Bulldogs fan. With that being said, I would love to see us sign an old vet like Justin Houston and bring him home for his last season or two. He has put up more sacks than anyone on our team the last few seasons. Now, I wouldn't say we should start him, but sign him as a situational rusher and mentor to the younger guys. Also, the first round of the draft will be stacked with positions of need for the Falcons, so I say we trade back and load up. Here's a scenario: Trade for WR D. Hopkins with a 3,4, and 5th round pick. Trade back in the draft and recoup those picks and its a win-win for us. What do you think?

Bair: Mike! You're from San Diego? I'm from San Diego. Great place to grow up. I'm sure it's 72 and partly cloudy down there. Hope all is well. I like your trade scenario as a thought exercise and DeAndre Hopkins would instantly make the Falcons and Desmond Ridder better, but he makes a lot of money and is on the north side of 30.

I'm not sure how much I'm giving up for the right to pay heavy freight, especially with Drake London and Kyle Pitts in the pattern. I don't hate the idea of trading back if the top non-quarterbacks are off the menu. I'm a Lukas Van Ness fan and maybe you could land him in the mid teens. That might be a risk worth taking, especially with a quality cornerback as a backup option. I think the Falcons should stay young at the skill spots, with experience and big paychecks along the offensive line.

Call for questions

We've got another Bair Mail coming up on Friday, so let's fill the bag back up by submitting your questions right here for inclusion in the next installment.

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