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'I think I'm picking it up well': Matthew Bergeron details his position switch from tackle to guard

Syracuse product has played tackle throughout his athletic career as an offensive lineman

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- The speculation around 38th overall pick Matthew Bergeron, was all but put to rest at Falcons rookie minicamp.

Well, maybe. We will see what actually happens when the team suits up for training camp come July. But, for now, Matthew Bergeron has moved inside to play guard.


Remember, when the Falcons traded two picks to the Colts, moving from 44th to 38th to take the four-year offensive tackle out of Syracuse? There was at least a little confusion. Confusion because the team signed Kaleb McGary to a three-year deal this year and extended Jake Matthews' contract last year.

No way they traded up to take a tackle to sit behind veterans.

So why Bergeron? Well, as it seems for now, Bergeron will be moving inside to provide stability for an already impressive offensive line, an offensive line that led the team to a top 3 rushing attack in the league last season. He could be an important part of that group, with a real shot to compete for the starting spot at left guard.

In the two years prior to this one, the organization has drafted 10 players from the Senior Bowl alone.

The love of the Senior Bowl comes into play for Bergeron because his first experience playing guard was at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. Bergeron recalls being told in team meetings one morning that he would be moving inside. With no second thought, he did it.

"This is Day 3, if you count Senior Bowl practice, I think I'm picking it up well," Bergeron said when asked about the transition in his first few days at guard.

Regardless, the Falcons as an organization seemed to have liked what they saw in Mobile and were willing to take the chance on this project.

Bergeron will have a lot to learn and the rookie learning curve could be steep when the pads are put on. When asked about the difference and transition Bergeron said, "At tackle you have three kicks before things start happening, at guard everything happens right now. One step and they're on you."

After the draft, Falcons offensive line coach Dwayne Ledford said, "I think it's important for a lineman to be able to show that versatility that you have the ability to play multiple positions up front."

This versatility will come in handy in July when camp starts. Although the Falcons started a plethora of left guards Bergeron will still have to compete. Matt Hennessy and Jaylen Mayfield will both be in the running for that same position.

"I don't put pressure on myself," Bergeron said when asked if he felt an expectation to come in and play right away. "I'm going to give my hundred percent every day and see where that takes me."

Versatility being on Bergeron's side means that, even if he does not start right away, he could see playing time at either guard or tackle. Though, this is speculatory -- do not quote me -- and will definitely be something to keep an eye on come July when camp kicks off.

Take a look at the Atlanta Falcons rookies in action during the final day of the 2023 rookie minicamp.

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