Videos - September 2018

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2018-09-01 Thomas Dimitroff on Falcons 53-man roster
2018-09-01 Dan Quinn's address to the team following roster cuts
2018-09-02 Dan Quinn press conference opening statement - 9/2/18
2018-09-02 QB Matt Ryan press conference - 9/2/18
2018-09-02 Marquand Manuel press conference - 9/2/18
2018-09-03 Atlanta Falcons will feature running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman in many ways this season
2018-09-03 Dan Quinn press conference opening statement - 9/3/18
2018-09-03 WR Julio Jones press conference - 9/3/18
2018-09-03 WR Calvin Ridley press conference - 9/3/18
2018-09-03 Keith Armstrong press conference - 9/3/18
2018-09-03 Man Behind The Matchup: C Alex Mack
2018-09-03 Head Coach Dan Quinn on Calvin Ridley's progression
2018-09-03 Targeting WR Julio Jones
2018-09-03 Head Coach Dan Quinn on Nick Foles & Carson Wentz
2018-09-03 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/3/18
2018-09-04 How is Atlanta Falcons defense preparing for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles on Thursday?
2018-09-04 Who is a Atlanta Falcons offensive player to watch for this season?
2018-09-04 Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri visit practice
2018-09-04 Three keys to victory for the Falcons vs. the Eagles
2018-09-04 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Eagles
2018-09-04 Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn showed Falcons footage of U.S. Olympic relay team for inspiration
2018-09-05 Behind the Scenes: Welcome to Atlanta - Falcons Remix
2018-09-06 Game Theory: Atlanta Falcons' TD total projections for 2018
2018-09-06 Julio Jones making leaping pregame catch in slow motion
2018-09-07 Julio Jones stiff arms Rodney McLeod to turf on big run
2018-09-07 Ryan slings pinpoint pass to Julio for 33 yards
2018-09-07 Brian Poole Sack
2018-09-07 Julio's would-be 51-yard grab ruled incomplete after review
2018-09-07 Julio Jones: Catch or no catch?
2018-09-07 Falcons recover own punt after Eagles player kicks ball
2018-09-07 Tevin Coleman dodges defenders for 9-yard touchdown run
2018-09-07 Damontae Kazee big hit leads to Deion Jones interception
2018-09-07 QB Matt Ryan converts key third down with clutch pass to WR Julio Jones
2018-09-07 WR Mohamed Sanu converts another big-time third down on dart pass from QB Matt Ryan
2018-09-07 Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones reacts to his near-catch being ruled incomplete after review
2018-09-07 Postgame: Dan Quinn on loss to the Eagles
2018-09-07 Postgame: QB Matt Ryan on loss to the Eagles
2018-09-07 NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport: Atlanta Falcons safety Keanu Neal out for season after MRI revealed torn ACL
2018-09-07 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/7/18
2018-09-07 Quinn on Keanu Neal's injury
2018-09-07 Quinn discusses red zone struggles
2018-09-10 29 years ago today, PrimeTime returns a punt for a touchdown for the first time in his NFL career.
2018-09-10 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/10/18
2018-09-10 Dan Quinn on his belief in Damontae Kazee
2018-09-10 Film Session: Falcons vs Eagles
2018-09-11 Podcast: Falcons Audible Ep. 1 - Eagles, Panthers and rotten teeth?
2018-09-12 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/12/18
2018-09-12 Dan Quinn press conference opening statement - 9/12/18
2018-09-12 LB Duke Riley is prepared to take Deion Jones' place
2018-09-12 Marquand Manuel press conference - 9/12/18
2018-09-13 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/13/18
2018-09-13 Dan Quinn press conference opening statement - 9/13/18
2018-09-13 Panthers vs. Falcons: The beginning of a rivalry
2018-09-13 Steve Sarkisian press conference - 9/13/18
2018-09-14 Atlanta Mayor Kiesha Bottoms has an important message for Falcons fans
2018-09-14 Man Behind the Matchup: DE Vic Beasley
2018-09-14 Panthers vs. Falcons: Keys to the Game
2018-09-14 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Panthers
2018-09-14 De'Vondre Campbell on state of the defense
2018-09-14 Atlanta Falcons confident turning to running back Tevin Coleman without running back Devonta Freeman in Week 2
2018-09-14 Ask a Falcon: Robert Alford 
2018-09-16 Tevin Coleman breaks loose along the sideline for 27 yards
2018-09-16 Brian Poole Sack
2018-09-16 Tevin Coleman jukes Donte Jackson and races for 36 yards
2018-09-16 Matt Ryan connects with Marvin Hall for 30-yard catch
2018-09-16 Calvin Ridley catches short pass and flies away from defense for 22 yards
2018-09-16 Austin Hooper makes leaping grab for 8-yard TD catch
2018-09-16 DE Takk McKinley Sack
2018-09-16 Julio Jones LAYS OUT for 30-yard catch
2018-09-16 Ricardo Allen picks off pass after it bounces off C.J. Anderson
2018-09-16 Watch Matt Ryan's touchdown run
2018-09-16 Falcons knock ball away in end zone to prevent game-tying TD
2018-09-16 Panthers vs. Falcons highlights | Week 2
2018-09-16 TE Austin Hooper postgame reaction
2018-09-16 QB Matt Ryan postgame press conference vs. Panthers
2018-09-16 Dan Quinn press conference opening statement vs. Panthers
2018-09-16 Dan Quinn's week 2 victory speech
2018-09-16 Recap: Falcons vs Panthers 
2018-09-17 Mic'd Up: LB Duke Riley
2018-09-17 Film Session: Panthers vs Falcons
2018-09-17 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/17/18
2018-09-17 Dan Quinn press conference opening statement - 9/17/18
2018-09-17 Dan Quinn on Falcons - Saints Rivalry
2018-09-17 How Falcons fixed their red-zone woes
2018-09-18 Falcons found red zone success without force-feeding wide receiver Julio Jones
2018-09-18 Mini-Movie: Falcons vs. Panthers
2018-09-18 Saints vs. Falcons | Week 3 Preview
2018-09-19 Top 5 Rookie Performances for Week 2
2018-09-19 Matt Ryan surprises local high school football practice
2018-09-19 G Wes Schweitzer on taking over for Andy Levitre
2018-09-19 Matt Ryan on the Falcons, Saints Rivalry
2018-09-19 QB Matt Ryan press conference - 9/19/18
2018-09-19 Marquand Manuel press conference - 9/19/18
2018-09-20 Man Behind the Matchup: CB Robert Alford
2018-09-20 The Beginning of a Rivalry: Falcons vs. Saints
2018-09-20 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/20/18
2018-09-20 Keys to the Game: Saints vs. Falcons
2018-09-20 WR Julio Jones on the Saints
2018-09-20 Hear what new Falcons DE Steven Means has to say
2018-09-20 Steve Sarkisian press conference - 9/20/18
2018-09-20 Keith Armstrong press conference - 9/20/18
2018-09-20 Ask a Falcon: Calvin Ridley
2018-09-23 Three keys to victory for the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints
2018-09-23 Saints vs. Falcons: Pregame Hype
2018-09-23 Ryan fires to Ridley in the back of the end zone for 18-yard touchdown
2018-09-23 Watch: WR Calvin Ridley 75 yard touchdown
2018-09-23 Ryan connects with Ridley for his 3rd touchdown catch of the day
2018-09-23 Watch: Matt Ryan throw is third touchdown to WR Calvin Ridley
2018-09-23 Watch: DE Vic Beasley Sack
2018-09-23 Watch: RB Tevin Coleman touchdown
2018-09-23 Can't-Miss Play: Coleman slips away from defenders for TD
2018-09-23 Watch: WR Mohamed Sanu touchdown
2018-09-23 Watch: WR Mohamed Sanu 2 point conversion
2018-09-23 Calvin Ridley highlights | Week 3
2018-09-23 Watch: WR Calvin Ridley has huge night against the Saints
2018-09-24 Film Session: Saints vs Falcons
2018-09-24 Podcast: Falcons Audible Ep. 3 - Fallout from Falcons-Saints, Bengals and Skyline chili
2018-09-24 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/24/18
2018-09-24 Dan Quinn believes in the men we already have
2018-09-25 Matt Ryan highlights | Week 3
2018-09-25 Fantasy Tracker: See every point from Ridley's 33.5-point day
2018-09-25 Devin Hester record-breaking punt return
2018-09-25 Julio Jones TD catch against Buccaneers in 2014
2018-09-26 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/26/18
2018-09-26 S Damontae Kazee press conference - 9/26/18
2018-09-27 Falcons Shoe Talk: Lil Wayne Dedication 12 Cleats
2018-09-27 Dan Quinn full press conference - 9/27/18
2018-09-27 WR Julio Jones press conference - 9/27/18
2018-09-27 Back in Black
2018-09-27 Steve Sarkisian press conference - 9/27/18
2018-09-27 Keith Armstrong press conference - 9/27/18
2018-09-27 Bengals vs. Falcons Week 4 preview | NFL Playbook
2018-09-28 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Bengals
2018-09-28 Ask A Falcon: Ito Smith
2018-09-30 Bengals vs. Falcons Pregame Hype
2018-09-30 Ito Smith slips past Bengals defenders for 7-yard TD
2018-09-30 Matt Ryan answers with 17-yard TD throw to Logan Paulsen
2018-09-30 Matt Ryan connects with Julio for 24 yards to get out of trouble
2018-09-30 Ryan lofts picturesque 36-yard pass to Sanu
2018-09-30 Calvin Ridley stays hot with 11-yard slant for TD
2018-09-30 Watch: WR Calvin Ridley 18 yard touchdown
2018-09-30 Watch: WR Mohamed Sanu 36 yard catch
2018-09-30 Takk McKinley sacks Andy Dalton
2018-09-30 Watch: DE Takk McKinley sack
2018-09-30 Damontae Kazee intercepts Dalton off tipped pass
2018-09-30 Watch: WR Calvin Ridley 2nd touchdown
2018-09-30 Calvin Ridley slices through Bengals defense for second TD
2018-09-30 Watch: Falcons punt block
2018-09-30 QB Matt Ryan postgame press conference vs. Bengals
2018-09-30 Watch: Falcons Offensive Highlights against the Bengals