Videos - November 2017

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2017-11-01 Quinn discusses McCaffrey's versatility
2017-11-01 Trufant talks Panthers WRs, staying disciplined
2017-11-01 Quinn scouts the Panthers defense
2017-11-01 Hooper talks about former teammate McCaffrey
2017-11-01 Quinn talks impact of Falcons' run game
2017-11-01 Jarrett looks at Falcons and Panthers matchup
2017-11-01 Schraeder impressed with Julius Peppers' career
2017-11-01 Ryan evaluates Panthers defense
2017-11-01 Manuel stresses the importance of the division game
2017-11-02 Desmond Trufant breaks down his favorite play
2017-11-02 Quinn continues to improve 3rd down and red zone plays
2017-11-02 Julio Jones on facing the Carolina Panthers
2017-11-02 Friends and family of Johnny Mac explain the soldiers fund established in his honor
2017-11-02 Sarkisian scouts the Panthers defense
2017-11-02 Getting into division games
2017-11-03 Game Preview: Falcons vs. Panthers
2017-11-03 Game Trailer: Falcons at Panthers
2017-11-05 Pregame Hype: ATL at CAR
2017-11-05 Can't miss play: Neal strips and recovers Stewart fumble
2017-11-05 Can't miss play: Sanu for six
2017-11-05 Game highlights: Falcons 17, Panthers 20
2017-11-05 Quinn: tale of two halves
2017-11-05 Quinn happy with turnovers the Falcons created
2017-11-05 Quinn wants to improve this 2017 team
2017-11-05 Ryan believes the Falcons can play better
2017-11-05 Ryan: He's made more plays than probably anybody
2017-11-05 Ryan wants to be better on 3rd down
2017-11-06 Mic'd Up: LB Deion Jones
2017-11-06 Quinn looking forward halfway through the season
2017-11-06 Quinn comments on short yardage plays
2017-11-06 Quinn admires teammates' respect for Julio Jones
2017-11-06 Quinn discusses correcting the self-inflicted penalties that have held the Falcons back
2017-11-06 Go inside Tevin Coleman's helmet for his Touchdown
2017-11-08 Quinn discusses Dak Prescott
2017-11-08 Quinn comments on Dallas' running game
2017-11-08 Jarrett talks about bringing pressure against the Cowboys
2017-11-08 Trufant looks at the Cowboys' playmakers
2017-11-08 Ryan scouts the Cowboys' defense
2017-11-08 Manuel admires the Cowboys' offensive line
2017-11-09 Quinn is excited to be playing at home
2017-11-09 Jones looks at the Cowboys' defense
2017-11-09 Sarkisian wants more consistency on offense
2017-11-09 Armstrong excited for Cowboys matchup
2017-11-09 Ryan to wear initials of Cpt. Joshua Byers on his helmet
2017-11-10 Why the military is important to Dan Quinn
2017-11-10 Game Preview: Cowboys vs. Falcons
2017-11-10 Questions for Neal
2017-11-10 Grady Jarrett to wear initials of Sgt. Christopher Schornak on his helmet
2017-11-10 Shoe Talk: The meaning behind 'Bean Talk'
2017-11-10 Quinn: the team focused on 'us'
2017-11-10 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Cowboys
2017-11-10 'We Play For' Fallen Heroes
2017-11-11 Alford to wear initials of Capt. Tiffany Burns on his helmet
2017-11-12 Can't miss play: Coleman powers into the end zone
2017-11-12 Can't miss play: Ryan finds Hardy in the back of the end zone
2017-11-12 Can't miss play: Hoop there it is
2017-11-12 Watch all six Adrian Clayborn sacks vs. Dallas
2017-11-12 Matt Ryan discusses win against Cowboys
2017-11-12 Quinn: A complete team win
2017-11-12 Game highlights: Falcons 27, Cowboys 7
2017-11-13 Mic'd Up: LB De'Vondre Campbell
2017-11-13 Film Session: Falcons vs Cowboys
2017-11-13 Quinn impressed with Coleman's 20 carries
2017-11-13 Quinn has been 'nudging' for Poe to play on offense
2017-11-13 What made Adrian Clayborn so successful against the Cowboys?
2017-11-13 Rapoport: No timetable for Devonta Freeman's return from a concussion
2017-11-14 Sights and Sounds: Falcons vs. Cowboys
2017-11-15 The Return of Desmond Trufant
2017-11-15 Building off a big win
2017-11-16 Quinn prepares for Seattle's defense
2017-11-16 Quinn looks at QB Russell Wilson
2017-11-16 Quinn talks about RB Tevin Coleman
2017-11-16 Jones looks at playing Seattle
2017-11-16 Jarrett staying focused for Monday Night Football
2017-11-16 Ryan ready to get started against the Seahawks
2017-11-16 Manuel scouts the Seahawks running game
2017-11-17 Questions for Hardy
2017-11-17 Game Preview: Falcons vs. Seahawks
2017-11-17 Quinn on Trufant vs WR Doug Baldwin
2017-11-17 Quinn about fixing mistakes
2017-11-18 Game Trailer: Falcons at Seahawks
2017-11-20 The Final Moments of the Georgia Dome
2017-11-20 Pregame Hype: ATL at SEA
2017-11-20 Can't miss play: Roberts returns opening kickoff for 50 yards
2017-11-20 Can't miss play: Jones submits nomination for Catch of the Year
2017-11-20 Can't miss play: Trufant picks off QB Russell Wilson
2017-11-20 Can't miss play: Sanu's amazing one-handed TD catch
2017-11-20 Can't miss play: McKinley's strip-sack, Clayborn recovers for TD
2017-11-20 Can't miss play: Ryan launches deep to Toilolo for touchdown
2017-11-20 Quinn talks about turnovers being key to win
2017-11-20 Quinn pleased after win in Seattle
2017-11-20 WATCH: Top 5 Matt Ryan throws from Seattle.
2017-11-20 Game highlights: Falcons 34, Seahawks 31
2017-11-21 Mic'd Up: LB Vic Beasley
2017-11-21 Ryan talks about third down success
2017-11-21 Quinn discusses Falcons kickoff coverage
2017-11-22 Film Session: Falcons vs Seahawks
2017-11-22 Quinn breaks down Buccaneers receiving
2017-11-22 Quinn duiscusses the defensive line
2017-11-22 Toilolo talks about touchdown against Seattle
2017-11-22 Poe talks about communication
2017-11-22 Jarrett discusses Falcons' pass rush
2017-11-22 Allen breaks down Tampa Bay offense
2017-11-22 Mack staying focused on Tampa Bay
2017-11-22 Ryan excited for offense production
2017-11-22 Manuel discusses Buccaneers' QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
2017-11-22 Sights and Sounds: Falcons at Seahawks
2017-11-23 Quinn: Much to be thankful for
2017-11-23 From our brotherhood to yours
2017-11-24 Game Preview: Falcons vs. Buccaneers
2017-11-24 Shoe Talk: Sanu's military appreciation cleats
2017-11-25 Falcons' defensive line is in sync
2017-11-25 Improving on third down and in the red zone
2017-11-26 Game Trailer: Buccaneers at Falcons
2017-11-26 Can't-Miss Play: Sanu to Jones for the 50+ Touchdown
2017-11-26 Julio passes Boldin for most receptions in first 90 games
2017-11-26 Can't miss play: Julio's diving touchdown
2017-11-26 Can't miss play: Coleman powers through for six
2017-11-26 Can't miss play: Coleman seals victory with Touchdown
2017-11-26 Julio Jones Week 12 highlights
2017-11-26 Game highlights: Falcons 34, Buccaneers 20
2017-11-26 Ryan on Sanu touchdown pass to Julio
2017-11-26 Dan Quinn's reaction to Falcons win over Bucs
2017-11-26 Quinn impressed with teams competitiveness
2017-11-27 Mic'd Up: LB LaRoy Reynolds
2017-11-27 Quinn pleased with Falcons win
2017-11-27 Quinn seeing more possessions
2017-11-27 Scouting QB Case Keenum
2017-11-27 Film Session: Buccaneers vs Falcons
2017-11-27 Dan Quinn's week 12 victory speech
2017-11-28 XBox One X on the Halo Board
2017-11-28 Sights and Sounds: Falcons vs. Buccaneers
2017-11-29 Quinn on Freeman's return
2017-11-29 Quinn looks at the Vikings' defense
2017-11-29 Jarrett evaluates the Vikings running game
2017-11-29 Freeman excited to get back on the field
2017-11-29 LB Deion Jones talks Falcons' defense
2017-11-29 Matt Bosher - Chocolate Banana Frappe
2017-11-29 Ryan happy to have Freeman back in the backfield
2017-11-29 Manuel looks at the Vikings
2017-11-30 Quinn on Vikings DE Everson Griffen
2017-11-30 Quinn discusses the runningbacks
2017-11-30 Jones focused on the preparation
2017-11-30 Game Preview: Falcons vs. Vikings
2017-11-30 Sarkisian talks about Falcons offense picking up
2017-11-30 Armstrong scouts the Vikings on special team