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Transcript: Mike Smith post-practice interview


On how Thursday's practice went:

"I thought that it was a good day. A good hard day's work. I thought that our guys went through the situations that we put in on Thursday and had an opportunity to work those special situations that we do every Thursday."

On how S William Moore did on special teams and whether he is ready to start if he needs to:

"I thought that William made some plays on special teams last week. Again, S Erik Coleman did not participate in practice today so it's an opportunity for both William and S Shann Schillinger if Erik's not ready to go. We certainly hope that Erik will be feeling better and have an opportunity to participate but that's yet to be seen. He didn't participate in practice today."

On whether he has a Wednesday-Thursday rule:

"We do not. We'll make decisions on the 45-man roster based on what we think gives us the best chance to win."

On how the special teams and P Michael Koenen performed on Sunday:

"When we watched the film we thought that our special teams as a whole played extremely well until we got into the overtime period. Michael had four kicks that were inside the 20 and that helps with the field position. That was really a game that was based on field position."

On DT Corey Peters and his progress:

"Corey was one of two rookies that got a lot of snaps. I thought that Corey handled it well because he really missed three weeks of practice with his knee. When he had the opportunity to get in there, he played about 25 snaps in the ball game the other day. I thought he showed that he's got a chance to be a guy that can really help us in the rotation. We've got DT Jonathan Babineaux coming back this week so again that will change the rotation in terms of how many snaps each of our defensive linemen will get. "

On where Cardinals DE's Calias Campbell and Darnell Dockett match-up:

"They're going to be over either the guard or the tackle depending on the two different fronts that they line up in the majority of the time. So it's going to be a match up for our guards and tackles. They'll over shift and under shift their defensive ends and their 3-4. They play those guys on the left and right side so it will be a big challenge for our guys."

On whether DT Jonathan Babineaux goes right back to starting Sunday:

"Jonathan will be the starting defensive tackle for us this week. Jonathan is an integral part of what we want to try to do. Of all of the defensive linemen on our team he probably had the most snaps last year. In our rotation he's the guy that gets the most snaps of any of the guys. We're looking forward to getting him back, his ability to penetrate and create negative yardage plays."

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