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Matt Ryan opens up about 'wild ride' journey to fatherhood

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – As Matt Ryan began his preparations for Atlanta's divisional round playoff game with the Philadelphia Eagles back in January, little did he know what was coming his way off the football field.


As his wife Sarah, pregnant with twins at the time, went for a normal checkup, she was given some news that would ultimately change the next six weeks of their life.

Ryan was absent from practice that Wednesday for a personal matter but he returned for the rest of the week's practice before traveling to Philadelphia for the contest. Sarah revealed in an Instagram post this past Sunday that she was put on bed rest on Jan. 9 for complications with her pregnancy.

"It was tough obviously; your mind is always on your wife, (who) is going through a tough time," Ryan said of what happened on that day. "Also two, your children [and] their health and their safety. Like anybody at certain times when they are dealing with certain things you have to be able to compartmentalize things. I understood that I had a job to do and it's something that's very important to me and I felt like I was able to get myself really well that week."

Six weeks later, the Ryan twin boys were born and spent over a month in the NICU before being able to go home.

Sarah and the boys – Johnny and Marshall – are at home and all healthy.

"It's certainly been a busy couple of months but we're really excited to have two sons at home," Ryan said. "They are getting big and strong and healthy and Sarah is doing great. It's been a wild ride but well worh it."

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