John Abraham In-Game Interview



DE John Abraham on the defensive and getting pressure up front:**

"Kroy has really stepped his game up, he's playing well and I think it's showing today. As a defense, we seem to be playing a lot better. I think it's just coming to maturity of the defense. Being in the defense three years now, I think a lot more of the guys understand their role and understand the concept of the defense we play."


Abraham on what the key to stopping the run was in the first half:**

"Pretty much. We did a good job on the run last year, so we're trying to step it up from last year. We have, like I said, a lot of younger players who are understand their role now and are prepared to make plays. They are staying in their gaps and doing what they need to do to make us a better team."


On his overall impressions of the team and how the first half went:**

"For me, I only had six plays, I wanted to go in another series, but they wouldn't let me. All in all we looked good. It's a 3-0 game, that's what you kind of look for in the preseason. You don't look for a lot of offense, you look for your defense to really win the game."

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