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Grantland: Falcons Still in Playoff Contention

The Falcons were back at practice today in preparation for their return to the Georgia Dome to take on the Chicago Bears.

There are currently five teams in the NFL that are sitting at 2-3 going into Week 6; the Atlanta Falcons; Falcons NFC South rival, the New Orleans Saints; the Minnesota Vikings; the Kansas City Chiefs; and the Falcons opponent for Sunday's home game, the Chicago Bears.

This week, Grantland writer Robert Mays gave a verdict for all five teams on the cusp, and stated that the Falcons are the only team he can see making it into the playoffs because they "can reasonably claim to be the best team in their division."

Mays went through the pros and cons for each of the five teams, and ultimately pointed out that the issues the Falcons are having on defense may be what keeps them out of contention. He did write, however, that they fared better against the Giants running game last week than they have against any other team so far this season.

Crediting Falcons QB Matt Ryan and his many weapons stacked at wide receiver and running back, Mays believes the offense is what keeps giving the team hope and leading them through their sluggish start.

"Of every team on this list, the Falcons have the quarterback playing the best," Mays wrote. "That might seem simple, but more often than not, it's the most important factor."

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