Videos - September 2017

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2017-09-01 Quinn, Dimitroff discuss roster moves
2017-09-02 Mic'd up: P Matt Bosher
2017-09-04 Takk is ready to be part of the Brotherhood
2017-09-04 Quinn names a starter at right guard
2017-09-04 Sanu is locked in on Chicago
2017-09-05 GMFB excited to see if Falcons can 'get up off the mat'
2017-09-06 Preparation 'fully' begins for the Chicago Bears
2017-09-06 Campbell: I'm a lot more comfortable in Year 2
2017-09-06 Freeman gives advice to younger players
2017-09-06 Deion Jones confident going into second year
2017-09-06 Ryan breaks down Bears' defense
2017-09-06 Manuel: this league is built on running
2017-09-07 In Brotherhood: An Unspoken Bond
2017-09-07 Quinn talks Sarkisian's impact on offense
2017-09-07 Quinn not concerned with Julio's readiness
2017-09-07 Jones: 'I'm back to normal now, no more limits'
2017-09-07 Sarkisian 'feels good' about his offensive weapons
2017-09-07 Sarkisian: I'm used to feeling the emotion
2017-09-07 Sarkisian talks Gabriel's recovery
2017-09-08 Week 1: Keys to Falcons-Bears matchup
2017-09-08 Quinn on players roles for Chicago
2017-09-09 Game Trailer: Falcons at Bears
2017-09-10 Pregame Hype: ATL at CHI
2017-09-10 Can't miss play: DE Reed sacks Glennon for a 12-yard loss
2017-09-10 Can't miss play: Freeman scores 1st touchdown of 2017 season
2017-09-10 Can't miss play: Julio catches 500th pass of career
2017-09-10 Can't miss play: Austin Hooper stiff arms Bears defender and races to the house
2017-09-10 Can't miss play: Reed sacks Glennon for game winner
2017-09-10 Game Highlights: Falcons 23, Bears 17
2017-09-10 Julio: Gotta make plays
2017-09-10 Quinn talks Reed's performance
2017-09-10 Matt Ryan talks finish
2017-09-10 Quinn: guys were excited for him
2017-09-10 Quinn impressed with Campbell's speed
2017-09-11 Mic'd Up: WR Justin Hardy
2017-09-11 United we rise
2017-09-11 Film Session: Falcons vs Bears
2017-09-11 Correcting tackling is at the top of the list for Falcons
2017-09-11 Quinn's Falcons vs. Bears takeaways
2017-09-11 Quinn addresses run game woes
2017-09-12 Sights and Sounds: Falcons at Bears
2017-09-12 Dan Quinn's Week 1 Victory Speech
2017-09-13 Quinn talks Green Bay preparation
2017-09-13 Falcons' defense looks to shine
2017-09-13 Matthews excited to line up against family
2017-09-13 Neal: Getting Rodgers 'off the spot' is key
2017-09-13 Allen: at the end of the day, we all go home to family
2017-09-13 Ryan talks productivity in the red zone
2017-09-13 Ryan breaks down Packers' secondary
2017-09-13 Manuel knows first-hand about Rodgers' play
2017-09-14 Schrager: Julio to go off on Sunday night
2017-09-14 Quinn: they're very versatile
2017-09-14 Quinn excited for Gabriel this Sunday
2017-09-14 Jones stays focused on Week 2
2017-09-14 Freeman: all I do is watch film
2017-09-14 Sarkisian talks opportunities for Julio
2017-09-14 Hooper ready for Green Bay
2017-09-14 Offense looking to improve run game Week 2
2017-09-14 Bryant is not afraid of the moment
2017-09-15 Matchup breakdown: Falcons vs. Packers
2017-09-15 'It's all about us'
2017-09-15 Week 2: Keys to Falcons-Packers matchup
2017-09-15 Quinn: we will be disciplined
2017-09-15 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Packers
2017-09-17 Pregame Hype: GB vs ATL
2017-09-17 Can't Miss Play: Freeman scores first touchdown in MBS
2017-09-17 Can't Miss Play: Freeman maneuvers for a 2-yard touchdown
2017-09-17 Freeman drains three in the end zone
2017-09-17 Can't Miss Play: Trufant picks off Rodgers
2017-09-17 Can't Miss Play: Campbell sacks Rodgers
2017-09-17 Can't Miss Play: Ryan finds Coleman for touchdown
2017-09-17 Can't Miss Play: Truuuuu takes it to the house!
2017-09-17 Week 2: Julio Jones highlights
2017-09-17 Trufant talks to Deion Sanders postgame
2017-09-17 Game highlights: Falcons 34, Packers 23
2017-09-17 Quinn: that would be one to remember
2017-09-17 Quinn 'pleased' with run game
2017-09-17 Ryan: I don't think about it too much
2017-09-17 Ryan talks offense performance
2017-09-18 Mic'd Up: WR Mohamed Sanu
2017-09-18 Film Session: Packers vs Falcons
2017-09-18 Quinn talks depth behind Beasley
2017-09-18 Campbell's work is paying off
2017-09-18 Quinn looks ahead to Detroit
2017-09-18 Dan Quinn's week 2 victory speech
2017-09-19 LB Campbell breaks down his first career sack
2017-09-19 'Falcons are the team to beat in the NFC'
2017-09-19 Sights and Sounds: Falcons vs. Packers
2017-09-20 Quinn evaluates Ansah
2017-09-20 Trufant on matchup with Lions
2017-09-20 Quinn pleased with Sambrailo adapting
2017-09-20 Sambrailo ready to take advantage of opportunity
2017-09-20 Quinn scouts Lions offense
2017-09-20 Clayborn: Takk is ready
2017-09-20 Mack: 'we emphasized' on the run
2017-09-20 Ryan breaks down Lions secondary
2017-09-20 QB Matt Ryan talks about his friendship with QB Matt Stafford
2017-09-20 Manuel looks back at Stafford's career
2017-09-20 Our standard is our standard
2017-09-21 Quinn on Falcons' special teams
2017-09-21 Quinn on Trufant's speed
2017-09-21 Quinn evaluates the red zone
2017-09-21 Jones breaks down Lions' secondary
2017-09-21 Sarkisian on Jones' focus
2017-09-22 Hometown Huddle
2017-09-22 Week 3: Keys to Falcons-Lions matchup
2017-09-22 Shoe Talk: The meaning of Bean Talk
2017-09-22 Game Trailer: Falcons at Lions
2017-09-24 Pregame Hype: ATL at DET
2017-09-24 Falcons share moment of unity during National Anthem
2017-09-24 Can't Miss Play: Sanu strikes first
2017-09-24 Can't miss play: Freeman pounds in 1-yard touchdown run
2017-09-24 Can't Miss Play: Gabriel sprints for a 40-yard TD
2017-09-24 Can't miss play: Golden Tate GW TD... Until it isn't
2017-09-24 Quinn gives his thoughts on Takk’s performance
2017-09-24 'I wish the rest of the world were like our locker room'
2017-09-24 Ryan: it was a crazy finish
2017-09-24 Quinn discusses Sanu's TD and final play of game
2017-09-24 Game highlights: Falcons 30, Lions 26
2017-09-25 Freeman: Our team is bigger, faster, stronger than last year
2017-09-25 Mic'd Up: WR Andre Roberts
2017-09-25 Quinn optimistic about Schraeder
2017-09-25 Quinn talks Falcons' red zone defense
2017-09-25 Quinn scouts Bills' run game
2017-09-25 Dan Quinn's week 3 victory speech
2017-09-26 Freeman wins 'Angriest run of the week'
2017-09-26 Watch: Takk's first career sack
2017-09-26 Sights and Sounds: Falcons at Lions
2017-09-27 Dan Quinn shares plans for the national anthem
2017-09-27 Quinn talks McCoy's versatility
2017-09-27 Quinn: Sanu knows how to have fun
2017-09-27 Sanu talks about the Bills
2017-09-27 Crawford talks handling 'mobile' quarterbacks
2017-09-27 Ryan impressed by Sanu's competitiveness
2017-09-27 Manuel evaluates Taylor
2017-09-28 Quinn explains play-action and the run game
2017-09-28 Quinn admires the brotherhood shared between Freeman and Coleman
2017-09-28 Jones looks ahead at Buffalo
2017-09-28 Freeman talks about finishing
2017-09-28 Takk prepares for Taylor
2017-09-28 Sarkisian discusses challenges in the red zone
2017-09-28 Week 4: Keys to Falcons-Bills matchup
2017-09-29 Quinn believes in Kazee
2017-09-29 Freeman's on a roll
2017-09-29 Shoe Talk: Sanu explains love for Dragon Ball Z
2017-09-29 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Bills
2017-09-30 Falcons defense looks to stop LeSean McCoy