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WR Sanu Explains His Love for the Game of Soccer

When Mohamed Sanu first signed with Atlanta this March, one of the first things we learned was how much he loved the game of soccer.

Through his various social media accounts, Sanu has displayed a passion for the game, and the Falcons' newest receiver shared where it all started.

"Growing up that was my first sport," said Sanu of his love for the game of soccer. "My dad actually played professional soccer back in West Africa. So, growing up that was my first love. I loved playing soccer. I would always get red cards playing in Brunswick, New Jersey because I would play really rough and my team wasn't that good."

Mohamed isn't the only soccer fan in the Sanu household, his fiancé Lauren is a big supporter of the English Premier League.

Sanu even proposed to his future wife in the famous Wembley Stadium in February.

Not only is Sanu excited to be a member of the Falcons for the obvious football reasons, he's also thrilled to be in the city for Atlanta United FC's inaugural season.

"I am very excited," he said about Falcons owner and chairman Arthur Blank also owning Atlanta United FC. "I will be at a lot of games. I hope a lot of fans come out and support because soccer is an awesome sport. You can have a great time learning it and understanding it. I love soccer."

It's safe to say if you are looking for Sanu when he isn't playing football, if there's a home Atlanta United game, you'll most likely be able to find him there in 2017.

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