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White More Animated and Energetic in Approach

Following Sunday's loss to the Vikings, wide receiver Roddy White said he would be the one to spearhead the change in the locker room moving forward.

"I feel like we got a little complacent and we haven't pushed our limits to where I think we need to push them," White said on Sunday after the game. "But that starts with the leaders of this team, and that's me. So this week is going to be different; it's going to be different in practice, we are going to have a sense of urgency so that next Sunday, we'll have a different result."

A new sense of urgency was found amongst several players on the team on Wednesday. White believes a change in his approach can help get things moving in the right direction.

"I have been more energetic in meetings," White said. "Telling guys 'we need to be on our ball, we need to be on point.'"

Putting emphasis on the details and the fundamentals isn't something new for the Falcons. Head coach Dan Quinn has instilled this as one of his main philosophies from the get-go.

White believes there is another level his team can reach in their attention to detail, and says it starts in preparation for practice.

"It's an everyday process, and it starts with practice," said the 11-year NFL veteran. "It starts with being ready and energized and going over the game plan and knowing what you have to do for practice."

The sense of continuous optimism from Quinn down to the players is evident as this Falcons team seems to be willing to do everything in their power to get back to winning football, starting with White.

"Everything will be detailed and put in motion," White said. "Everyone will do what they need to do. We will do the things we need to do right and longer than anyone else."

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