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White Continues To Be One Of The Best


When Julio Jones came to town, there were those that whispered that Roddy White would have to take a backseat to the new wide receiver being added to Atlanta's offense.

Jones had an impressive rookie season last year to go along with White's year and this season it looked like Jones may surpass White in production. So far, defenses are trying to take Jones away in their game planning and White is making everyone pay.

White's 413 yards receiving are fourth in the NFL and he's tied for second among receivers with three touchdowns. White has always been a big-play guy, strong in the clutch, but so far this year he's been nearly automatic when his team needs him most. Last week's 59-yard reception in the final minute against Carolina was the catalyst in putting up the final three points for the win.

Despite Jones' presence in the offense, White's place among the game's best hasn't declined.

"He's about as complete a wide receiver as I've seen this season," head coach Mike Smith said. "He's doing a nice job."

One of the most underrated aspects of White's game has always been his blocking. A former high school wrestling champion, his strength is an asset well beyond just battling cornerbacks for a reception.

"Roddy's having a great start to the season, not only catching the ball, but it's real evident in what he's doing in downfield blocking," Smith said. "It really showed up, everyone could see it, on the screen pass to Michael Turner (a 60-yard touchdown) and he's doing that on the run plays as well."

The prototype for a team guy, White has never made it seem like he even remotely doesn't love having Jones a part of the offense, even if his looks from quarterback Matt Ryan may be reduced. After multiple Pro Bowls and personal accolades in his career, White just wants to win and Jones is only here to help.

"He does nothing but benefit and help us on offense," White said on Wednesday. "He's an explosive player and he's going to be a great player in this league. When you add additional parts like that, you can't feel bad about it because you're only getting better. As long as you get better and everything is rolling, it's all good. You can't be a selfish player in this league, you've just got to go out there and whatever parts you have that pertain to the offense, you've got to support it."

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