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What They're Saying: Payton, Brees Talk Falcons

Sean Payton

On the Falcons defense:

"This team we're seeing defensively this year is much faster. You can see that on tape. You see the linebacker movement; their experience in the secondary at the cornerback position, I think are very good players. Their front's active. You can see the improvement. And I know you may not see it statistically, but when you watch the tape, relative to cutups from a year ago, you can see the speed of the defense in Year 2 of the scheme. They force you to be patient, they do a very good job of not allowing the down-the-field throws, and so that's something that you get to work on all week."

On RBs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman:

"You see the explosiveness and the commitment to the run and their ability to get an edge. Both of them run exceptionally well. You have to be prepared for the nuances of each player. Matt does a good job of coming off those wide zones with the play-action and boots. You have to move as a defense, and just as you're moving, here comes a real good play-fake that sets up a down-the-field shot to the receivers. They go hand in hand; they compliment each other real well."

On the explosive plays the Falcons' offense has been creating:

"It's been a big improvement in their numbers. Granted, we're two weeks into the season, but their down-the-field explosion plays are right at the top of the league — yards per completion, attempts down the field, quarterback numbers when they're going down the field. So you have to be disciplined in your zones. You have to understand splits and understand formations, and I think that the front and the rush pattern has to be clearly in sync with how you're playing coverage."

On Falcons LB and Louisiana native Deion Jones:

"He's fast. He can run. You can see his speed on tape. He's one of those players that, when you put the tape on and you're watching the overall team speed on defense, certainly he's one of those players that has improved it."

Drew Brees

On the Falcons' defense:

"I think they're a very disciplined defense. … You just understand that you have to be really on point as an offense. You just have to earn it. Whether it's in the run game or the pass game. You have to be really focused, diligent and disciplined."

On what makes Desmond Trufant such a valuable cornerback:

"I think he's an exceptional athlete. He's got great speed; he's got great discipline with his technique. I just think he's an extremely disciplined player who is very, very talented who is very, very fast. He makes good plays on the ball. He's playing at a high level, that's for sure."

On his respect for Matt Ryan:

"They have a bunch of playmakers on that side of the ball, and Matt has the ability to get it to all of them. I've had a tremendous amount of respect for him since he's been there, since 2008. We've seen how these games have gone. Typically these are close games, regardless of the record of the teams or the scenarios of the season or whatever it is. We know they have the ability to score at any moment."

On the Falcons/Saints rivalry and why it's special:

"Well, I feel like there's always been something at stake. They've had very good teams during that span of time since Matt's been there, and we've had some very good teams. So I feel like there's always a lot at stake in the division when we play."

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