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What They're Saying

This morning as I was listening to national NFL writer Len Pasquarelli on 790 The Zone, he made the comment about the Falcons' 26-10 loss to the Patriots -- and I can't remember his exact phraseology -- that it was not a devastating loss. In terms of how the Falcons are being considered around the NFL in light of that lone blemish on their record, that sentiment appears to be holding up.

Fox Sports, who ranked the Falcons third last week, dropped them to No. 10., which had ranked the Falcons fourth last week, dropped them four spots. Especially insightful is the comment on next to the Falcons' ranking: "You know the Falcons have made progress when a road loss to the Patriots stands as a disappointment." If you think about where this franchise was in 2007 and where it is now, that statement could not be any more true.

Another sign of what the Falcons are building came on Colin Cowherd's nationally syndicated radio show. Cowherd did an amusing bit in which he attempted to sum up each NFL team in six words. For the Falcons, he came up with "solid, efficient; emerging star at quarterback." I'd say that's pretty complimentary.

Some of the others weren't. He asked listeners to come up with their own and for the Raiders someone finished theirs with the words "should try selling pancakes." Yes, a bit odd, but I can't imagine anyone would be flattered by the thought that instead of being in the football business they should be in the flapjack business.

Do you have any six-word descriptions of the Falcons yourselves?

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