Transcript: Thomas Dimitroff News Conference


Overview of the draft:

"We accomplished in this draft what we truly wanted to accomplish that was to add, first of all, explosiveness to this team and explosive playmaking ability, urgency, leadership ability. We feel like we accomplished that on a number of different levels and though we stressed offense this year, we feel like we've accomplished that somewhat on defense. Going forward, we'll continue to look to build this team any way we can. Obviously, we're not sure with the uncertainty of free agency, it's in a little bit of a delayed state. We'll keep our eyes open and we'll be perched and ready to go when the time comes if free agency opens up."

On conducting the draft while still in the lockout:

"It's been a really interesting draft, no question, and the days leading up or weeks leading up to the draft without free agency. Every year, we've taken care of one of our needs in free agency and it's made us and allowed us to be more creative in the draft. This year, we couldn't. We had to truly drill down in the draft. Again, we accomplished what we were looking for at a number of different positions through this draft and some of that has to do with the needs on our team to improve the depth and to improve our ability in that respective area. From another standpoint, we're very aware of what could possibly happen in free agency when it does open so we made sure that we crossed our 'T's' and dotted our 'I's' as far as acquiring players who would be ready to step in if in fact we did lose someone."

On the central theme of the draft:

"As I was looking at our board, it was exactly what we preached in the sense of a system-specific, needs-based draft. We hit on the positions and situations that we really, truly needed to going into the draft. Again, we'll continue to look going forward. I know everyone is going to be asking the defensive end question and we'll continue to analyze that situation going forward."

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