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Transcript: Mike Smith Post-Practice Interview

On his message to the team after losing a key member to the defense:

"We talked from the very beginning that everyone on our team has a defined role. Those roles change and you've got to be ready. That's been the message from the very beginning. You may be a backup one play and everybody's expecting you to go in and replace the starter and play at the same level. That's the mentality that you have to have because you're going to have injuries."

On the corners:

"Brent's been a big part of our defense since we've been here. He's been a guy that we've watched mature as a football player and it's unfortunate that he's not going to be able to finish the season with us. We've got guys that have played in games that are going to have to step up and take that role. It may be a couple of guys, instead of one, based on the game plan that week. We're going to have to disperse our defense a little bit differently than what we did this last week."

On CB Chris Owens being resilient:

"Chris is a very resilient guy. That's what playing in the NFL for the majority of the guys are. It's all about competition. There are a handful of guys that have the talent to go out and keep that job. There's lots of time. There is competition at different positions. You have to be resilient, and you've got to have a great attitude. Chris has shown that. He's been a guy that's been in our starting lineup, out of our starting lineup, and going to get an opportunity to be back in it in a different role this week than what he played last week."

On CB Robert McClain:

"I think Robert showed what he's capable of in the preseason. He won a roster spot by the way he performed in the preseason. He's a very competitive guy. We really like his competitiveness. He's a guy that doesn't back down. He can play both inside and outside. He's played snaps at both positions in regular season games."

On S Charles Mitchell:

"I thought Charles had a very good camp. Charles is developing as a safety and a special teams player. Right now, with the two guys we have in front of him he's going to have to buy his time, in terms of, performing on special teams unless there's an injury right now. I like Charles' development. He shows a lot of intelligence, he shows a lot of football awareness, and I like what he does on special teams."

On CB Dominique Franks:

"He's going to get another opportunity to compete as well. Dom has started games in the NFL, both, as an outside corner and as an inside corner. Dom was added back onto the roster at the end of last week because of injury. We said right when we went to the 53-man roster that it's always fluid, and it's really fluid in the first couple of weeks. When you have injuries it even makes it more fluid. Dom's going to get his opportunity as well. He's a guy that's got game time experience and that's what you want to have is guys that have played during the regular season."

On more possible moves:

"We have not officially put Brent Grimes on IR. That transaction has not gone in. Those will be things that we'll be addressing in the next 36 hours. We have an extra day this week so today was an extra Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, and Thursday is Wednesday."

On T Bryce Harris getting signed by the Saints:

"That's part of the process and system in place in the NFL. The guys on your practice squad are eligible to be taken by another team as long as you put them on your 53-man roster. Brice was a guy that spent all of the offseason with us and through the first week. It's just part of the process and when that happens you got to have a plan, and we'll move forward and have to make that replacement before we get going on Denver."

On game planning for QB Peyton Manning:

"I did some TV scouting and it didn't' look like he missed a season. It looked like he missed a play or two because his chin strap was broken. I was very impressed with the way he ran the offense in Denver. It's going to be a big challenge for us and ought to be a fun night for everybody. I know we're looking forward to getting started and really digging in to our preparation with our game plan."

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