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Transcript: Mike Smith Post-Practice Interview


Falcons head coach Mike Smith is preparing the Falcons for a very loud, rowdy environment when his team travels to Seattle this weekend

On the injury report:

"DE John Abraham, LB Curtis Lofton, and WR Roddy White did not participate today. For all three of those guys it was really a maintenance day. We had some limited participation, RB Jason Snelling and LB Coy Wire were limited in their participation as well as OT Tyson Clabo and LB Stephen Nicholas."

On whether Snelling will be ready Sunday:

"We're just taking it day by day. This is his first time back in a couple of weeks so we'll see. We gave him about two or three snaps per period. We'll see how he handles that and if there is any lingering effects from the practice today and make a decision on how we're going to progress tomorrow. It was very good to see him back out. He's done a very good job with our training staff and our Athletic Performance group to get back as quick as he has."

On whether Seahawks S Lawyer Milloy gives their defense an advantage because he spent time in Atlanta:

"I think Lawyer knows a little bit about our system having played in it, of course it's fluid and it's always changing. The big thing that we have to concern ourselves with is blocking Lawyer. I think he's playing well. When he's down in the box we're going to have to know where he is because I still think he's a guy that can be a force in the run game."

On Seahawks RB's Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett:

"Marshawn Lynch is a guy that I've had to play against. He's a big, strong running back even though he's not leading their team in rushing right now. I think he is an outstanding back. Forsett is a guy that does some things with his vision that we really like as well. Their offense is going to be very multiple. They are more of a west coast style in terms of formations and things like that, that we're going to have to make sure that we're ready to adjust and they're probably going to make it a fast paced game."

On the Seahawks wide receivers:

"WR Mike Williams has had a very good come back. He's a big, strong wide receiver that creates matchup issues. WR Ben Obomanu had the hand (injury), we're anticipating seeing him. I am very familiar with WR Brandon Stokley, their slot receiver. I was on the same team with him in Baltimore and then had to face him when he was there in Indianapolis. He will always create matchup issues and he still does. I think that will help their passing game, having those guys back. QB Matt Hasslebeck is as good as any quarterback in this League. When he gets rolling he can throw it and spin it."

On Hasslebeck's play last week against the 49ers:

"I don't think he had all of his parts out there. I think that was a big part of it."

On the team's focus and preparation through the three road games:

"We really started this road trip when we played in St. Louis. We tried to look at as a five week cycle in our schedule, four out of five on the road. We talked about how important it was going to be for us to focus on the next game and before you know it we will look up and be at the end of this thing. I think our guys have done a very good job of that in terms of their zoom focus. Each and every week it's a new challenge and this one's going to be a big challenge. Seattle is one of the loudest environments to play in even though it's an outdoor stadium it's one of the loudest in the league. Our guys are going to have to do a really good job in communicating."

On whether practicing in the cold weather is beneficial before going to Seattle:

"I think it was good for us to get out today and practice outside. We think we have some weather coming in tomorrow that is probably going to force us to go inside. It was two fold, one to get an opportunity to work in weather that we're going to possibly be playing in and the other one is that we like to be on the grass as much as possible especially this late in the season."




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