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Transcript: Mike Smith post-practice interview


Falcons head coach Mike Smith talks about several individual Browns players during his Thursday interview with the Atlanta media

On how Thursday's practice went:

"As you know, Thursday is our situations, we are working through a lot of situations. There's always things that you've got to clean up on Friday because you put your gameplan in on Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday is the day that you have to basically finalize it. I thought it went good, the guys worked hard. We've got some things that we need to work on tomorrow before we get to Sunday."

On Browns LB Matt Roth:

"They use him a little bit differently. He's an outside linebacker in their 3-4 and their base-package and then he's a rusher in their sub-package. He's a very strong outside linebacker out of Iowa. I remember scouting him when he came out. He played defensive end, so that tells you about his athleticism to be able to move to an outside linebacker position. He is a very strong guy. He had a very productive game last week against Cincinnati with two sacks, one of them was a crucial sack in the fourth quarter."

On Browns LB Scott Fujita:

"I think their front seven is the strength of their defense. Scott Fujita is a very experienced player. He's a nine or 10 year veteran. You throw in LB Eric Barton, one of the middle linebackers has 12 years of experience. It's a very experienced group. Scott has been a very successful player throughout his career. He's a guy that can create problems. He's got a lot of length so in zone coverages he can get underneath and he's got some rush ability."

On whether Browns S T.J. Ward's hit last Sunday jumped out at him:

"Again, safety is the number one factor in the rule changes. There are certain parameters in terms of what you can and cannot do when you're tackling a receiver. It didn't come off the screen, it was a very aggressive play."

On S Erik Coleman playing in different safety positions:

"Erik, like all of our guys, is cross-trained to play both strong and free safety. Erik is coming back from the MCL injury that he sustained early in the season."


On how they are using rookie DB Joe Haden:**

"They're running him in their nickel package when they go to their three corner package. Their first round draft pick Joe Haden is coming in and playing in the nickel package. He is a very talented player. I can see his role expanding as we get closer to the game."

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