Transcript: Mike Smith post-practice interview


On the team's performance against New England Thursday night:

"There are definitely a lot of things we've got to get better at. We have started to make those corrections in practice today.Hopefully we will get in another good session this afternoon to get a few more things ironed out."

On the physicality of the play on Thursday:

"It wasn't our best performance, in terms of physicality. In terms of who was the more physical team, Thursday night, New England was the more physical team."

On the speed and the tempo on the defensive side of the ball:

"It was not the type of performance we wanted to have. Attacking blocks and attacking the line of scrimmage are just a few of the areas we have to address and we are addressing. However, there were some good plays out there too. We had some nice plays in the back field. My biggest concern was our performance on third down. We can't have situations where we are third and seven in the first drive and have them convert on a check down pass and get first downs. We've got to make sure that we make solid tackles and knock the ball carrier back. They also scored three of their four touchdowns on third down. One was a third and twelve. Those are all areas we have to address."

On seven-man fronts on third down:

"There was no game planning in this ball game. We were working on certain things that we wanted to work on. The first pre-season game, we wanted to start the game by running the football. This second game we wanted to pass the football early on and I thought that we did that very effectively. Our quarterback got down to the open receivers and we moved the ball. The thing that sticks out is when we get over on the plus side of the thirty, or around the thirty yard line, we have not been able to convert a third down which is a big concern. We don't want to be kicking field goals. We want to be scoring touchdowns. Those are the things that we are going to address this week as we get into our game plan. But enough about that game. Today is our last two-a-day. We are going to start our one-a-days' so we are getting into the routine for how we will prepare for the regular season games. Although these last two games are still preseason games, we want to go through the process and procedure of how we prepare for a regular season game."

On losing WR Kerry Meier:

"It is very tough for both Kerry and the team. Kerry had a very solid training camp. He was on track to be a contributor in a number of areas, not just as a wide receiver, but on special teams as well. It was very unfortunate to lose him for the season."

On adding more depth to the wide receiver position:

"WR Michael Jenkins is not out for the season. He will be back around the opening of the regular season. We feel good where we are at with our wide receivers. WR Matt Ryan is also back, so I don't anticipate us doing anything with our roster."

On WR Troy Bergeron's catch and run:

"That was one of the bright spots in the game. Troy made a couple of guys miss there in the fourth quarter where we got our first touchdown of the game. It was a nice throw and catch. QB John Parker Wilson did some good things throughout the game, but he also has some things we have to correct. It was one of the better plays of the game."

On DT Trey Lewis' performance on Thursday:

"Trey was very disruptive. He was one of the bright spots on the defensive side of the ball. He was very aggressive, and he was knocking the line of scrimmage back. That is what we have got to get out of our tackle play to have the kind of success we want to have on defense."

On LB Sean Weatherspoon starting week one against the Pittsburgh Steelers:

"There is still a lot of football to be played in the remainder of the preseason. He has played both the Sam and the Will linebacker positions. During the first game, he played the Will linebacker and the second game he played the Sam linebacker. He is definitely making rookie mistakes. However, I have seen some very good plays by him as well. Over the next week, we will start deciding who will be our starters at the linebacker position as we prepare for the opener."

On strapping on pads and hitting today:

"We are going to stay the course. It is a long preseason. Our main goal is always to get our guys healthy to the opener. We aren't going to change our approach because we didn't play as well as we wanted to. We all must keep things in perspective, its preseason. There were a number of positive things that took place in the New England game. However, there were a number of things that we've got to get corrected and we will get them corrected. This situation wasn't like how we would prepare for a regular season game. Now we are shifting into regular season mode, in terms of how we will prepare for the next two pre-season games."

On injury reports:

"We are in game mode. We are now in one-a-days. We are going to give injury reports on Wednesday of the [Pittsburgh] Steelers week. Anybody who has been questionable will now be game time decisions."

On the seriousness of DT Corey Peters' injury and if he will play:

"He is not out of the mix. He has been just like a lot of these guys. He is in the training room. We made an announcement this morning on WR Kerry [Meier], but he [Peters], CB Dunta [Robinson], and anybody else we have been asking about are all questionable."

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