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Transcript: Mike Smith Interview

On Roddy White:

"I thought we were able to get Roddy some more reps than he participated in yesterday.  Again, this is going to be a cumulative effect for us to make the decision on what his status will be for the game.  We got through the day one; hopefully, we will get through day two."

On coaching a punt coverage unit when going against Tate:

"He is not going to fair catch.  It is going to be very important first, we do a good job with our directional punting and try to shrink the field.  That is the first thing we've got to do.  When you do that, then we have to be able to overpopulate that short side of the field.  He's probably one of the most underrated punt returners in the League right now.  He doesn't run around back there.  He finds a blocker to run off of and runs right off of him.  He's been very productive.  It is going to be important starting with our punter and then we've got to make sure we overpopulate and take good leverage."

On Patrick DiMarco:

"He's done a very nice job for us.  Patrick has probably been one of the more consistent players that we've had on offense.  His number of snaps are determined by the packages that we have, but he has done a very good job for us.  Not only blocking, but catching the ball out of the backfield."

On Roddy White's status at practice:

"He was limited today again, but he did take more snaps that he took in practice yesterday.  We will anticipate, if everything goes well, that we will continue to increase his workload."

On it being encouraging that Roddy White gets a full week of practice:

"Absolutely, it is going to be big for us.  He has not been able to practice all season long.  He's come out when he was playing and participated very limited on a Friday practice.  He's gotten two under his belt, so he's getting back into the swing of things.  I am very encouraged by what's happened in the last two days, in terms of Roddy and his workload."

On Roddy being fatigued earlier in the season and if practicing will help that:

"Yes, that is part of the regiment we're going through in terms of trying to increase his workload.  It is very difficult when you have a hamstring injury to do really anything.  You can't even ride on a stationary bike, so the conditioning is important for us to get him out here and get some snaps.  Like I mentioned, we are incrementally increasing it.  Tomorrow will be the third day and we want to see where he is after those three practices."

On this game being the Salute to Service game:

"It's unbelievable what the service men do for our country here in the United States.  They make us safe in terms of the commitment that they've made to go out and protect our country.  Hopefully, we'll have a bunch of folks in the stadium.  I personally have family members that have been in the service.  I know it's tough for the families, but God bless them."

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