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Transcript: Mike Smith Interview

Head coach Mike SmithOn Ryan Tannehill and their ability to make big plays early in the season:

"I think he is a much improved quarterback.  He hasn't played quarterback a long time, he was a wide receiver for much of his career at Texas A&M.  He's got outstanding speed, can extend plays and has a 55 plus yard arm.  He's got a world class speed wide receiver in Mike Wallace.  He's done a very good job and he looks more comfortable in their offense."

On spreading his throws between Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace and Charles Clay:

"That is very accurate.  In the first game, Brian Hartline seemed to be his main target, Chris Clay in both games, and Mike Wallace in the second game.  They've got some guys that can do things after the catch."

On Peria Jerry going directly against his brother:

"I'm sure they've had lots of battles growing up.  I'm sure that if you talk to Peria's brother down in Miami, he's probably won majority of them, and I'm sure if you ask Peria here he's probably won them.  It is an interesting dynamic, but it will be fun to watch those guys go out and compete."

On Mike Sherman trusting Tannehill more in his second year:

"Well, he's familiar with Coach Sherman, because he played for him at Texas A&M.  I think it is a maturation process that every quarterback goes through, that they give him more of the playbook."

On him being worried about Asante's injury:

"I don't worry about that.  Asante is working his tail off to get back, and he will hopefully be ready to go this weekend.  I know that the injury report will say he did not participate today."

On Miami's pass protection struggling at times:

"They've given up some quarterback hits and they've got a new line, kind of re-juggled their line.  They moved their right tackle over to left tackle, got a new right tackle in.  They are going through that units development, that is the thing that happens in offensive lines, not just individuals, they have to gel together."

On Miami defense not allowing a point in the fourth quarter and just six in the second half:

"They are playing with a lot of confidence.  They've done a very nice job, not only in the third or fourth quarter.  They are one of the top teams in the League in terms of points allowed.  They've done a very nice job.  Kevin Coyle and his staff, they bring a lot of pressure from a lot of different areas."

On their issue with the tight ends in regards to Cameron Jordan and Coby Fleener:

"Those are two very good tight ends they have had to defend.  They are going to have to defend against another good one this week as well."

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