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Transcript: Mike Smith Interview

On practice today:
"I thought it went well. We worked on some situations, and went a little bit longer than we normally do, but we're not in pads so it was a non-padded practice. I thought the guys competed well. It was a little warm, but I thought they handled it."

On Dominique Davis' play in the first preseason game:
"I thought Dom did a nice job. There were a couple of plays that I know that he would like to have back: the interception there before halftime. That was probably not a wise decision. He was probably trying to make too much happen. Sometimes it's not about what you do; it's about what you don't do. We need for him to make better decisions in that situation, but overall I thought he did a nice job. He's continued to progress and gotten better every practice. From the beginning of OTA's until now, so he's done a nice job. And the two guys behind him have done a nice job as well. (Sean) Renfree has gotten some snaps in the game; Seth (Doege) has not. We will get those guys in the next three games. Again, this is the time of the year you're evaluating everybody on your roster."

On moving some offensive lineman around:
"Well, we got to cross train them. That's something that we always do. We did it in the game a little bit. You may not have noticed it; some of the guards played tackle there at the end of the game. Again, that's the thing that takes place in the preseason. It's all about the evaluation process. We will continue to cross train these guys, not just from left to right, but from guard to tackle and from guard to center. We got to get a mix of nine guys that we feel comfortable with."

On how the backup guards are playing:
"Those guys are really working at the center/guard position, so they are getting reps. There's three of them that can play center. (Harland) Gunn has not played a whole lot of center in practice, but he can.  Jacques (McClendon) has more center snaps than he does guard snaps. We just have to continue to evaluate those guys. I think it's going to be very competitive. When we start talking about who's six, seven, eight and nine on our roster on the offensive line, I think a lot is going to be determined over the next three games."

On Julio Jones being back at practice:
"Yes he was. Julio was back in full participation. He's been limited through this early part of the week, didn't participate in the game. We anticipate that he'll be full participation and be ready to go for the rest of the preseason."

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