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Transcript: Mike Singletary conference call


San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary spoke about how impressed he is with the Falcons' defense and what he needs to get his offense on the same track during his Wednesday conference call with the Atlanta media.

On the changes of the team:

"I think we're doing just fine. We're getting prepared for Atlanta, and it's going to be a good game."

On hiring offensive coordinator Mike Johnson:

"I just felt comfortable with him. I felt that he would do a good job."

On the Falcons' defense:

"I think those guys are really running to the football and they're bringing some physicality once they get there. There's a lot of talent. There are a lot of guys running around and quickness. I really like linebacker (Curtis) Lofton. I like all the linebackers but particularly Lofton. I really like that kid. He plays the position the way it's supposed to be played. I think he's a throwback in my mind. When I look at the defense as a whole, everybody is just playing fast. The D-line is getting off the ball. (John) Abraham is still going to the quarterback. They present a lot of problems with the speed and physicality that they bring."

On the 49ers performance last year against the Falcons:

"It didn't go very well. I just think that last year they came in here and they brought it to us. They dominated the game."

On running back Frank Gore:

"I think Frank is a guy that obviously we have to keep our eye on, but he's a workhorse. We're doing the best job that we can of protecting him when we need to and maybe later on in the season we'll look at that a little more."

On changes on defense:

"According to some of the things I've heard in the paper, I don't think I am either. I just think that our defense will be in tact and we'll just have to keep fighting, keep working and keep getting better."

On linebacker Takeo Spikes:

"He's a team leader and he's a starter. He's a great performer for us."

On coaching in the NFL:

"I think in this game, whether you've got growing pains or you've been in the game 20 years, it's the same after a loss. I think the most important thing is we just have to continue to focus on the vision that we have as a football team. At some point in time we're going to take that step. Hopefully sooner than later, but we're going to be a good football team. We're just not as mature as I would like for us to be, but we're gaining everyday."

On his vision of the team:

"I think it's probably very similar to many other teams around the league. You want to get a little bit better each day and at the end of the year hopefully you have a chance to play for more than just the end of the season."

On the passing game:

"I just want the offense on the same page. I just want all the players that we have, the playmakers and everybody to be involved. I think in one way or another, whether you're blocking, whether you're catching the ball or whatever you're doing, everybody needs to play a role. That's the most important thing for us."

On the amount of sacks in week three:

"It's unfortunate that they were able to get to the quarterback that many times. I know the front four in Atlanta, and John Abraham in particular, are very excited to play us. I just think it's important for us to be focused and to continue to get our young kids acclimated and ready to do a good job blocking and protect our quarterback better."

On Anthony Davis:

He took a step back in this game. He didn't do a good job fundamentally. He ind of did some things that got him in trouble, but he's a young kid and he's got a lot to learn. Hopefuly he can grow up a lot between now and Sunday."

On the 0-3 start:

"It's not really about selling them on it. It's about having them understand where we are, and just being men about where we are. Just being able to look at adversity, face adversity and accept it for what it is. Grow from it, learn from it, and get better from it. I think I'm thankful that we're having this situation at the beginning of the season. It will give us a chance to really look at it for what it is and make the changes that we need to make going forward and capitalize on it."

On linebacker Patrick Willis:

"Pat is just Pat. He's a blue-collar guy. He just works hard and tries to do the best that he can week in and week out. We're very fortunate to have Pat."

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