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Transcript: Joe Flacco Conference Call


Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco reflects on the process of the 2008 NFL Draft when he and Matt Ryan came into the league with high expectations

On getting prepared on a short week:

"It's a little different. I've never experienced it before. I don't know how many guys on our team have, but it's going to be a quick turnaround. Our main focus is just to probably get everybody's legs back underneath them and it's going to take a lot of film study and things like that over the next couple of days just to make sure we have our opponent down."


On the productivity of Ray Rice: **

"It was big for him this past week. Just on checkdowns and things like that. They left him uncovered a little bit. We were able to find him and hit him. He did a great job for us running after the catch."

On development as a quarterback:

"I think it's pretty much been the same all three years. I think they've probably backed off a little bit over the second and third year. We have free reign of the offense and I think the development has been good. I think I feel confident up here, I think our offense does also. I think we had a lot of production this past week. We didn't score as many points as we would of liked to but we still won the game. We have a lot of room for improvement, and I think as long as we continue to improve like we are this week then we're going to look pretty good and be happy where we are."

On interviewing with the Falcons prior to the draft:

"I had one with them. They worked me out and they interviewed me for a little bit and it went well, just like all of the other workouts and interviews. They usually go in there and they try to put a little bit of pressure on you and things like that. For the most part they're just trying to get a feel for what kind of personality you have and how good they think you are football. It went pretty well and I enjoyed it."


On being a consideration for them:**

"I doubt it. I have no idea. I thought I had a pretty good work out so I thought they should have considered me, but I have no idea. Obviously, they picked Matt (Ryan) and seem pretty happy where they are."

On getting to know Matt Ryan:

"Actually, we're from pretty close areas where we grew up. I met him out at a couple of different events for a couple of different players and things like that, and obviously I met him when I was going through the draft process and when we were going through that together. I wouldn't say went spent too much time together. We know enough about each other to hang out a little bit, like I said when we see each other out at events and things like that. I think that's been about it."

On playing Matt in high school:

"No, I think he was in Pennsylvania. I was in New Jersey, and we just stuck to New Jersey schools."

On Falcons secondary:

"They are playing a basic front. A lot of times they show you what they're running, but a they will disguise a little bit in certain situations. The biggest thing I guess you could say about them, is they line up and they let their guys go and play. You've got some athletic guys on the corner. The one guy, he's pretty short but he can play. He can run and he can leap. He can be a little aggravating out there. We'll look at it and as the week goes on and over the next couple of days we'll kind of develop our plan and see what we can take off of what we've already put together in the last day. Right now, they've been playing pretty good. Right now they are a 6-2 football team and we're going to have to come into their house and be ready to play."

On Anquan Boldin:

"Anquan's been great. He's a big physical guy that can get the ball and he creates a lot for us down in the redzone, being able to put the ball on him and have him go out for it. He also takes a lot of defenders when he's not getting the ball. He creates some space for our other guys to work and get open on one-on-one coverage."

On Todd Heap:

"Todd's been great. He's been huge for us this year. He's made a lot of big catches and he a big, physical body. You can put the ball on him and let him go up for it, and he's usually going to come down with it."

On short week quarterback preparations:

"The thing is, that both teams are going through the same thing. We're both going to have to prepare on a short week. You're used to being able to come in on Monday and Tuesday and getting a little head start, but you're not getting any head start this week. You're going to come in and you've got to get ready, you've got to get accurate and you've got to see what the defense is going to present. You have to start learning your game plan and how we're going to attack them. It's a lot different when you have two or three days to do that, then when you have 4, 5 or 6. It will be a challenge. Like I said, I've never gone through it before. It should be fun. Instead of practicing on Thursday, we'll be playing a game so I think we'll all be happy about that."

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