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Transcript: DeSean Jackson conference call


Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson said he doesn't concern himself with what opposing defenses are able to do during Wednesday's conference call with the Atlanta media

On difference he's seen in the Falcons:

"As far as last year, I didn't play in the game last year when we came out there. I had an injury. As far as this year, they're doing really good in their division. They're 4-1. When they were playing the Steelers in the first game, that was a tough one. As far as the team, I think they're a pretty good team. We're just ready for the opportunity for them to come in play us in Philadelphia."

On the quarterback situation:

"As far as any issues, I wouldn't really say we have any issues. With him being hurt, that's definitely unfortunate. He's getting better, with Mike Vick, and things like that. (Kevin) Kolb is used to starting. He's been in this position before. As far as him coming in and still being a leader, and still being a quarterback, and just going out there and just giving us the opportunity to win the football game, he's doing a good job of that. We're not having any issues."

On Thomas DeCoud:

"We were really cool and college and things like that. We don't talk too much now. He's busy doing his thing, and I'm busy doing my thing. Like I said, we're sill good friends and things like that."

On his performance this season:

"I'm just not really having the opportunity to make these huge plays like I've been doing. As far as getting the ball down the field and getting the ball in my hands. As far as that matters, I want to go out there and do so good and things like that. At the end of the day, as long as we're getting wins and the team is winning I think everybody is happy. I wouldn't be a distraction or anything like that to the team. I just patiently wait and just go out there and just do what I can to contribute to the team winning and having success."

On the Falcons' Secondary:

"Well, Dunta Robinson and the other guy, he's a little bit short and things like that. We don't really get caught up in what other teams are able to do on the defense. We're confident in ourselves and what we do as a unit. We're working hard. Today was a good day of practice. We have tomorrow and Friday still just to polish everything up. I think it's a big opportunity for us. We're 3-2, they're 4-1 so it's going to be a great game."

On winning against the Falcons last year:

"That doesn't make a difference at all. As far as us coming out there and handling business last year, that's what we were supposed to do. As far as us this year, we're all coming to the game and want to get wins, and want to get victories; it doesn't always pan out that way. I think we do everything we can to come into a game to prepare to go into a game and get a win. I think as long as we everything we can to prepare, I think we'll do all right."

On Michael Vick:

"As far as Mike, I talked to him. I'm not sure if he's going to play in the game or not. It would be all right. He's getting better everyday, and that's all that matters is that he's getting better."

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