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Transcript: Aaron Rodgers conference call


On OL Chad Clifton:

"Chad is definitely an example of a guy that leads by example. He's not a rah-rah guy. He doesn't practice much. He just spends a lot of time in the training room getting his injuries worked on. He does a great job for us. I think he probably played his best this season, in the six years I've been here. I think he had some offseason surgery and he's probably feeling as healthy as been in the last six years, but he's done a good job for us. As far as offensive line leadership, I'd say that Scott Wells, Josh Sitton and Daryn Colledge are kind of our leaders, but Chad is just a guy that leads by example."

On the weapons in the Packers' receiving corps:

"I'm definitely blessed with the kind of guys we've got. We really have four guys that are really talented. I'm happy with those guys and being able to throw to Greg Jennings, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, (Donald) Driver and Brett Swain. That's a good group of five right there. I'd put those five up against any other five in the league. Guys who do a lot after they catch of the ball, we've always been good with that. They're guys that you feel confident throwing to, as well, because they're going to protect the throw and put their body between the defender and the ball. That definitely gives you a little confidence when you're throwing to them. Last week, Greg obviously had a really good game. It was nice having Driver back in there and having a few catches. James Jones, over the last four or five weeks, is really coming into his own. He's playing great football, and Jordy Nelson is always consistent for us."

On the past five games and getting the ball to Greg Jennings:

"Jermichael Finley got injured. Going into the season, Jermichael was a guy that we looked to throw the ball to often and obviously defense tried to take him away. With Jermichael being out and Donald (Driver) having some issues he's had to play through, I think there's been more of an effort to get Greg (Jennings) the ball. He's as good as any receiver in the league, in my opinion. He had a great game last week. He's really done a nice job the last five games and we've been moving him around a little bit, not keeping him on the same side or same position and making defenses try to figure out how to stop him if he's in the slot or outside or if he's inside or in the middle of a 3x1. It kind of changes the looks he's getting and the kind of defenders he's going to be up against. We're going to continue to do those things and try to find ways to get him the ball."

On the Packers' defense:

"They're doing a great job. I give Dom Capers, our defensive coordinator, a lot of credit. He does a great job with those guys. I think he's hired an excellent staff around him who are all great teachers of the game. It's nice to be on the offensive side of that defense who is flipping field position and creating turnovers. It's nice that the last couple of games we've started picked it up a little bit. They've been playing very consistent all season and keeping us in ballgames. We've been kind of inconsistent and struggling. It's nice we've been able to pay them back a little bit for the times they've kept us in the game by giving them a couple of blowouts and taking care of the football. Not turning it over and not putting them in compromising situations. We have a lot of faith in those guys and they're playing really well right now."

On extending drives and converting third downs:

"Regardless of who our opponent is going to be, those are two thing we talked about. That is first and foremost priorities. With converting third downs, we've done a better job of over the last few weeks. Cashing in in the redzone, we've done a better job of as of late and putting seven on the board instead of three. When you're playing a team like this, they're going to give the ball to Michael Turner, and Matt (Ryan) playing as well as he is, making good decisions, taking care of the football and being very, very efficient, you realize we're going to have to maximize our opportunities and score seven when we get those opportunities. It's a tough environment playing on the road. Matt has an incredible record at home in his short time in the league. It's going to be important for us to find a way to make them a little bit more one-dimensional."

On Falcons' secondary:

"I think they're playing really well. Two years ago we played them and (Brent) Grimes was more of a third guy for them. I think he's playing very well. He's gotten very impressive. Obviously, bringing in (Dunta) Robinson in the offseason was a big addition. Having (William) Moore coming off his injury, he is playing very well. He's had four interceptions. Thomas (DeCoud) I know from playing with at Cal. I know his athleticism and he's doing a nice job. I think as a whole they're playing very well. I have to give Grimes his props. He's the kind of guy you pull for. He's been released a couple of times and been a practice squad guy and kind of paid his dues. Now, he's playing very well. A lot of respect for that secondary, for that team, and for Coach (Mike) Smith and the job that he's done. Their secondary does a really nice job."

On the key to success during quarterback transition from Brett Favre:

"Character. They character of the men we have leading this franchise and I hope they say the same thing about myself and the kind of guys we have in this locker room. Definitely guys that care about each other, guys that care about the sport, guys that care about the responsibility and the privilege that we have and our respect of cities. I've gotten to know Matt Ryan over the last few years and I know he's a man of character and I'm sure that his leadership and the way he conducts himself in a very classy, positive way had a big impact on his teammates with the turnover they were having there. I hope that my teammates would say something similar about me, but I know that our organization is run by men of character and I think that's really important."

On memories with Thomas DeCoud at Cal:

"Hopefully, he's not giving away too many secrets. Thomas was a younger guy. I think we just played one year together, but you could tell when he was a freshman that he was going to be a big-time player. His athleticism kind of jumped out. He was long, lanky and covered a lot of ground. I think the one thing that I always appreciated about Thomas was his character. I think that can never be understated when your putting together a team is bringing in guys that are good guys and Thomas is hard worker. He was at Cal, I'm not sure what he's doing these days, but I know he's gone from a special teams player to a starter. I'm sure his hard work is paying off and I wish him nothing but the best. I always knew he was destined for greatness if he continued to work hard. I'm very happy for him."




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