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The Last Word: Exploring the Falcons' Depth

As you get set to watch Atlanta take on the Washington Redskins for their first preseason game, the 92.9 The Game Falcons radio team of Wes Durham and Dave Archer gave us their final thoughts on what to look for.

"The biggest key for Atlanta tonight is exploring depth," Durham said. "How much do you have? Head coach Quinn talks about the evaluation process, so how much can you explore in that evaluation process, thus exploring depth."

In addition, it's important to pay attention to intricacies and the details.

"Efficiency," Durham said of what he'll be looking for. "Do they get the plays in? Do they get them called on both sides of the ball? On special teams, are they organized? How do they look in their first live action? If they are efficient in their first preseason game, that's a really good sign that all of the stuff they have done in minicamp is working for them."

Archer points out that not only will be efficient help the team in coming out of tonight's game victorious, but the confidence the players and coaching staff will feel could directly impact the way the team moves ahead.

"The thing that I'll be looking at is that you want to execute," Archer said. "There's ramifications and results as to what you do each and every play that obviously add up to what happens in a game or in a particular series.

"They want to execute the things from a concept standpoint so they feel like they have gained some confidence. When you come back out of a game, you get back to practice, there's a lot more confidence and you feel better about yourself. That's what I'll be looking for."

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