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Riley's Speed 'Fits Terrifically' in Falcons Style

From his introductory press conference as Falcons head coach, Dan Quinn said his team would play fast and physical.

And through every draft with general manager Thomas Dimitroff, the Falcons continue to build their roster full of players whose strengths are speed and toughness.

Atlanta's third-round pick, Duke Riley, fits the Atlanta Falcon mold completely.

"The speed he plays with fits terrifically into our style," Quinn said of Riley. "We clearly know how to feature him in that role. We are pumped to have him on board and we can't to get him here and get started with him. He's going to be a factor for us moving forward."

Riley's blend of strength and speed allows him to be a four-down player for the Falcons, per Quinn.

"We couldn't be more excited to add a guy of this caliber on to our defense," Quinn said. "Speed, swagger, toughness, tackling, he'll fit right in."

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