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RB Ward Participates in Falcons' Writing Contest

The Falcons recently announced they are hosting a writing contest for Black History Month. The contest encourages students from the ages of 13-18 throughout the state of Georgia to write an original essay or poem to one of three specific questions.

A few players on Atlanta's roster wanted to provide their input, and throughout the month of February, their essays will be posted.

Today's featured player essay comes from RB Terron Ward: *

Question: What does Black History Month mean to you and why is it important?

Answer: "Black History Month is important to me specifically, because it gives praise and acknowledgement to everything the black culture has done for this country. It also exemplifies to others the progress that we have made as an individual race."   

Question: Give one word that characterizes Black History Month and why does that specific word come to mind?

Answer: "Acknowledgement. I use that word because African Americans have done so much in this country that goes unnoticed and I think it's important to acknowledge those men and women for their achievements they accomplished in difficult times for our race."

Question: Which historical African American figure do you admire and why?

Answer: "I would have to say Martin Luther King Jr. because of everything he did during the civil rights movement. He changed the mindset of not only African Americans but with many other cultures and ethnicity as well. And his vision helped shaped the world for how it is today."  

Question: Which historical African American athlete figure do you admire and why?

Answer: "Jessie Owens without a doubt! For him to win those four gold medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics in a time where there was a lot of racial hate in the world, that takes a lot courage to go against the grain the way he did and come out on top."

Question: If you could be one historical African American figure who would it be and why?

Answer:"There have been many profound African Americans in the past but if I had to pick one, it would have to be President Barack Obama. To become the first black president is something that no one could ever take from him and it is an extremely big accomplishment that will go down in history forever."

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