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RB Michael Turner Post-Game Interview



What were your thoughts on the game? **

"This win was a nice start to the season, but we still have work to do and improvements to make. We did pretty good out there. We just have to look at tape and continue to get better."


How did you feel out there?**

"I felt great out there. After missing all of December of last year, it felt good to finally be back on the field."


Do you want the pre-season to be over as soon as possible?**

"No. The pre-season is a dress rehearsal and I intend on using it in order to get into game-shape for the season. The pre-season is a little bit faster then practice. I use the pre-season to get used to the speed of the game. It's necessary and it gets you ready for the season."**

What did you think of the rookie's performance? Did they seem confused? **

"The first game in the pros is always going to be a little different but you get used to it with time. We still have three more games to go, so I have all the confidence in the world for the rookies. They'll continue to work hard and I know they'll do well."

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