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Quotes of the day: Sept. 8


Sean Weatherspoon on Week 1 versus the preseason:

"Yesterday I came in and guys were up here watching film. A lot of veteran guys were in here working on their days off so you definitely get that sense of urgency that you have to go out there this week and prepare to be the best you can be because this one counts."

Erik Coleman on playing in Pittsburgh in Week 1:

"I think it's going to be great for our team, to go in there in that environment and experience that. It's going to help our team grow, get used to playing on the road, and battling those tough opponents on the road."

Matt Ryan on Mike Mularkey's familiarity with Pittsburgh's defense:

"I think Mike Mularkey has got a good feel for what Pittsburgh does. One of the reasons Dick LeBeau has been so successful is his ability is to change it up week to week and within a game. With that said, you have to prepare for a bunch of different looks. But at the same time I think the biggest thing is to focus on us. Concentrate on what we do and try and do what we do well. We feel like if we do that we can go up there and be successful."

Michael Turner on playing in Pittsburgh:

"I've never played in Pittsburgh. This is my first time playing there. I've played them in the past. It was a tough contest and it came down to the wire. It's going to be tough and physical. The most physical team will win."

Tony Gonzalez on getting 1,000th catch:

"Obviously that's something I'm looking forward to getting. I'd like to get it earlier so I don't have to worry about anything. Right now, more importantly, honestly more importantly, is getting off to a good start and hopefully getting a victory because they're a good football team. It'd be great to go into their home field and come out with a victory. The catch is something, that when I do and if I do get it, I'm humbled by."

Dunta Robinson on facing Dennis Dixon instead of Ben Roethlisberger:

"Not much changes from an offensive standpoint and not much changes from a defensive standpoint for us. If we were facing Big Ben, we know he's a guy that's going to get in and out of the pocket. Same thing with Dixon. We've just got to focus and make plays and we've got to get to the quarterback. That's kind of the bottom line."

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