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Quotable: Head Coach Mike Smith


Q. Are the veterans available to talk today about Michael Vick?A. "No, we are getting ready to go on a flight, and we never have our guys available to talk prior to a game. We have a policy in place about how we do things here. We've always done it that way. My concern is going to Detroit and getting ready for a football game. That's the only concern I have. That's the only concern our team and our staff has. We want to go up there and evaluate the 80 players that will become our 53 players."

Q. So the timing of the Vick situation has nothing to do with the fact that the players are not available today?A."No. My thoughts are on Detroit and evaluating the 80 guys on our roster. I don't really think it's appropriate to comment about it. It has no bearing on the Atlanta Falcons football team in 2009."

Q. The situation will affect you when you play the Eagles.
A. "I don't even worry about week 12 or even week one. I worry about Detroit tonight. After tomorrow, I'll concern myself with the next game. That's how we approach it."

Q. As for Detroit, what is your quarterback starting rotation?
A. "We will start Matt Ryan, then the other three quarterbacks will all play a quarter. So all four quarterbacks will play in the game and each will get a quarter."

Q. Is the order determined for the quarterbacks?
A. "Yes, but we're not going to talk about the order. We don't want the Lions to have an idea of what will happen in Detroit."

Q. Are you're players looking forward to hitting somebody, other than their own team?A. "Probably the biggest thing of camp is that we're going to play somebody else. After two weeks, we're ready to go play."

Q. Have you had a chance to see any film on Matt Stafford?
A. "No, I haven't seen any film on him. I've seen him throw some passes on Sports Center, but that's been the extent of my exposure. I'm sure we'll get a good look in the game tomorrow night. I don't know exactly when he is going to play, but we anticipate that we'll see him early in the game."

Q. How are you health wise going into Detroit?A. "We are about as healthy as we can be. William Moore will not play. He has been ruled out. Harry Douglas, who is still on our 80-man roster, will not play. There are two other guys that will be game time decisions. We have two guys that we think may, or may not, be ready to go. All-in-all, we are excited to have 76 guys ready to go. We do have a lot of bumps and bruises after two weeks of camp, and we're going to limit some of our players playing time because of that."

Q. "Staying healthy is the number one priority in your first preseason game. What is the second priority for you and the staff?
A. "To evaluate the guys that are in really competitive position battles. We want to go up there and win the game first, stay healthy second, and evaluate the position battles. There are a number of them, especially in our interior defensive line as well as our cornerbacks. We want to get a good look at those guys."

Q. What is your linebacker rotation?
A, "I think we're pretty much set on the first line. The second and third linebackers are going to get an opportunity to play quite a bit tomorrow night. Our defensive linemen will rotate in by series, so we're going to get to see them play. We want to get these young guys in against some of the better players that are going to make the 53-man roster. The defensive line will play against the better offensive line."

Q. Who are your two game time decision guys?
A. "Edmund Miles and Jason Jefferson. Miles has an issue with his knee, and Jason Jefferson has an issue with his hip flexor."

Q. Granted that Michael Vick is not here, and you are focused on Detroit, can you tell me what your reaction was when he signed with the Eagles?
A. "Well I'm happy for Michael Vick, and I've said that all along. I'm very happy for Michael Vick and his family because they are able to turn a page and start a new chapter in his life. That is what he is able to do, and he's going to do that with the Philadelphia Eagles."

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