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Quotable: Falcons vs. Lions


DETROIT --Quotes from Falcons starters at halftime of the preseason opener against the Lions.

Running Back Michael Turner

Q: Talk about your 40-yard touchdown run.
A: "It was a great call by our coaching staff. The linebackers collapsed the middle and Ovie (Mughelli) did a great job of setting them off. Justin Peelle made a great block and I just had to make a move on their safety."

Q: What are your thoughts on the offense and the rushing attack in the first two offensive possessions?A: "We were effective in the run game, but we still have to clean some stuff up. We had a tackle for loss on one play. It's early in the preseason so we have time to improve."

Quarterback Matt Ryan

Q: Talk about the offense and scoring the touchdown on the second possession.
A: "I thought we did a good job. There were a couple of mistakes, but that's to be expected in your first game. I thought it was good to shake off some of the rust. We got into a rhythm during the second drive and we made some plays. Mike (Turner) made a great run. The offensive line opened up a big hole and we were able to get a touchdown there."

Q: Talk about your ability to spread the ball to five different receivers.
A: "I feel good about our guys at wide out. I was happy everyone got a touch tonight. If we can get everyone involved each week for the remainder of the season, it's going to benefit us a lot. I'm excited for everything to come."

Defensive Tackle Thomas Johnson

Q: What are your thoughts on the game and the defense in the first quarter?A: I think we can be a lot stronger on the run. They kind of got us there. Besides the run, I thought we handled their passing attack pretty well. It's the first game so it's kind of expected."

Q: Talk about your sack to force a Detroit field goal.A: "It was the design of the goal line package that we have. It was a great call. I got off the ball, put my hands on (Daunte) Culpepper and made the sack."

Linebacker Mike Peterson

Q: Talk about the defense improving with each series out in the first quarter.A: "We had to relax and play football. We knew there were going to be mistakes because it's our first time out. They are all mistakes that can be corrected so we have to grow off this game and get better next week."

Q: How did you feel the linebackers and defense worked as a unit?A: "It's a process. We are not going to be at our best the first time out and we know that. We are going to keep growing from our mistakes and we'll be ready for the opener."


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