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Quinn Focused on Finding Tough, Smart Prospects

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn spoke at the Combine in Indianapolis on Wednesday along with a few players, other coaches and executives from around the NFL.

During Wednesday's Twitter takeover, Dan Quinn listed the five words the head coach would use to describe the kind of player he wants in Atlanta.

While this week's Scouting Combine only offers a glimpse of who these draft hopefuls are, it does help the Falcons understand if they embody these traits.

The physical activities are simple to quantify. What's more difficult to ascertain, though, is character—especially when it comes to young men who are trying to put poor life choices behind them. Toughness and competitiveness, while important attributes, are often easy to identify. On the other hand, figuring out whether or not players are accountable for their actions, put the team before themselves and have good football IQs takes a lot of effort.

This is what makes the combine so valuable: It gives teams an opportunity to get to know potential draft picks and decide if they're worth such big investments.

"That part, for some guys that have some questions that they'd like to have answer and be in front of some guys, I think it's really important," Quinn said at his Wednesday press conference. "As we got through this interview process with the players, that's part of the one where you connect and find out whether if it's 15 minutes or you schedule some time afterwards to find out more about one another and if it's a good fit. Those interviews that take place are really important."

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