Quinn, Dimitroff Connect Instantaneously

It's been one week since Falcons head coach Dan Quinn's introductory press conference and since then, he's wasted no time in diving right into his new job.

None of what's taken place in the past week for Quinn was possible, however, without the absolute trust and connection he formed instantly with Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff.

"He was the guy that I connected with right away, that I knew I wanted to partner with," Quinn said of Dimitroff. "I saw that relationship work strongly in Seattle with (Seahawks head coach) Pete (Carroll) and (Seahawks general manager) John (Schneider). So, when I met Thomas, I knew this was the right opportunity and that I would like to do this job with him." 

Working together, Quinn, Dimitroff and their staffs will collaboratively accomplish tasks such as roster evaluation, free agency and NFL Draft efforts and other player matters related to building the team's roster. 

New Falcons head coach Dan Quinn got a look at his new office and took a tour of Falcons headquarters in Flowery Branch on Tuesday morning before his introductory press conference in the afternoon

As for the reporting structure announced weeks ago, Dimitroff will have final authority over free agents and draft picks, while Falcons assistant general manager Scott Pioli is in charge of running free agency and draft efforts for the club. Quinn will have final authority over the 53 and 46-man rosters as well as the practice squad.

Although a reporting structure is in place, Quinn doesn't view his role as a "my way or the highway" attitude; instead it's focused on a collective team effort by everyone involved, beginning with Dimitroff. "Our collaboration together and how we see things and how we see football really got in line early in our meeting," Quinn said of initial talks with Dimitroff. "Finding a guy with his experience, knowledge and passion for football was important for me. I hope years from now, they look at us and say, 'Those two guys, they did things right.' "

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