On The Clock: Week 6


There's never a dull moment when AtlantaFalcons.com managing editor Jay Adams and TheFalcoholic.com creator Dave Choate get together and talk. The two share a love of the Falcons and a unique sense of humor. The two Internet mavens decided to let Falcons fans in on their instant message conversations in a new Draft weekly series called On the Clock

Jay Adams: Dave, I think I'm starting to develop a complex. When I close my eyes, I see Adrian Clayborn. When I sleep, I dream of Jerrel Jernigan. And when I get lost in thought, Gabe Carimi finds me. I think the draft is starting to drive me batty. I swear, most of my waking moments are spent thinking about who the Falcons could pick in a few weeks. I'm engulfed, like a quarterback in Grady Jackson's arms.

DC: We are at a whole new level of disturbing.

DC: So to churn through that, who is your new pick of choice, my friend?

JA: It's not a pick at all. Last week, I mentioned that if I had to absolutely make a decision, I'd trade back. I'm pretty set on that scenario.

DC: You know, I have to agree.

DC: The more I hear about who the Falcons are looking at, the more I think trading back is the optimal option.

JA: Optimal options are like Optimus Prime.

DC: In what way? I have to ask.

JA: They sound almost alike.

JA: And that's the end of that comparison.

DC: I can live with that.

JA: But I'm totally with you. I actually tend to get a little bit more excited about the talent that's available in the second round this year. That's never happened before. I almost think the value is much better in the mid-second than in the late first.

DC: I think it's because the draft is so deep. But it really does lack top-flight talent outside of the top ten. You can get good players all over the place.

DC: Which brings me to Jerrel Jernigan, or, as we christened him the other day, JJ Birdman.

JA: That name is gonna stick, Dave. I have a feeling.

DC: I hope it does. I have an unnatural fondness for JJ Birden.

JA: JJ Birdman flows off the tongue. I like it. Even more, I love the way he plays.

DC: He's a superb fit for the Falcons. They need more explosive, versatile players, and that's literally printed on his business cards.

DC: I checked.

JA: Why didn't I think of doing that?

DC: You've been a little busy dreaming of him, I think.

DC: Perfectly understandable.

JA: True. But that would look great on my business card. If it were true. Which it's not.

DC: My business card just says "Guy." It's the most accurate thing I could think of.

JA: Well, at least you're not false advertising. So with the first three picks the Falcons have, what positions would you like to see addressed?

DC: Easy peasy.

DC: Defensive end, wide receiver and offensive line. Probably in that order, too.

DC: And your august opinion?

JA: How should I know what my opinion will be in August?

DC: No no

DC: No!

DC: No.

DC: You see, august comes from the Roman "augustus," which means, "guy who has an opinion about the Falcons."

DC: Easy mistake to make.

JA: I can see why I got confused.

JA: I think we agree too much sometimes. I'm right with you on positions, although I could see — emphasis on could — tight end getting thrown in there somewhere.

DC: I agree. But I think the best bargains at tight end are late in the draft. I like Kyle Rudolph, but I think he's not the wisest investment of a high pick.

JA: I like him, too, but I have a hard time justifying picking any tight end that high. There's a reason fantasy owners mock others who choose a tight end before the 12th round of fantasy drafts. They just don't produce as much as other positions, even the really, really good ones.

DC: Agreed. I could see someone like Virgil Green being a nice fit later on, what with his fancy athleticism.

JA: That's a good, strong name, too.

DC: We could call him Virgilante.

JA: We could...

JA: But I think we've done enough nick-naming for one draft class.

DC: Is that possible? My world has just been rocked.

DC: But here's one of my famous hypotheticals, Jay.

DC: Let's say we hit the second round and JJ Birdman is gone.

DC: Perish the thought, I know.

DC: Who are the Falcons looking at, receiver-wise?

JA: If that's the case, after I shed my tears, I'd say there are some very good options left. There's a chance Torrey Smith from Maryland could be the pick at No. 27, or he could slip into the second. Titus Young could still be there. Or maybe you wait until the third and pick up Edmond Gates. It's not the end of the world if Jernigan is gone, but it shatters mine a little.

DC: There there.

DC: ...There there.

DC: As you know, I'm a big believer in Gates, so that would not upset me in the least.

JA: I'm also a fan of Young, so if we were to get one of them, I'd be satisfied. The only thing I hope for, despite all the naming of names we've been doing, is that we continue to get the kinds of players we have been through the draft. And I'll tell you what, I'm completely confident that will continue with the folks making the picks.

DC: That's the single most valuable asset this team has: A brain trust so fearsome, Albert Einstein's brain quakes in fear.

DC: You can count on them getting hard-working guys whose skills fit with the team. That's pretty awesome.

JA: Exactly. So, we've basically chatted for all these weeks about projection after projection and yet we find ourselves comfortable with whoever we end up with anyway.

DC: We're easy like that, I guess.

DC: Here's a twist, then. What will you be doing come draft day? Tackling picks to interview them?

JA: I'm not allowed to get near the merchandise. We've got some great plans for AtlantaFalcons.com, and I'll be live blogging the whole experience, much like I did during the Combine. So, when D-Led is so frazzled by Day 3 that he's ready to hurt a man who took his seat, I'll be writing about it.

DC: I fear an angry D-Led. He'll go AJC on you.

JA: They don't call him Lightning Led for nothing. What will you be doing lo those many days of the draft?

DC: I expect I will plop down in front of the television and do a little live blogging of my own. Making fun of other teams is half the joy of the draft, after all.

JA: Well, I'll be sure to stop over and see your coverage.

DC: And I'll be there for yours, of course. You put the live in live blogs.

JA: Remind me of that when I'm sleep deprived and trying to research one of our seventh round picks to no avail.

DC: With any luck, they'll at least have an awesome name.

JA: Like JJ Birdman.

DC: If only!

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