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On The Clock: Countdown


Jay Adams: Dave, I don't know if you can believe it, but we're now a day away from the NFL Draft. After all the talk and speculation, we finally get to find out who will be the newest Falcons. I've heard some people compare it to Christmas in April, which is better than Arbor Day in April.

Dave Choate: Less trees.

DC: More drafting!

JA: That's what I always say.

JA: I think we're at the point where we've beaten around the proverbial bush enough and it's time for us to settle on some picks for the people.

DC: You know, I think you may be right.

DC: It's time to double down and hop on the pain train. So to speak.

JA: I enjoyed the gambling/mass transportation metaphor combo you just tossed out. That takes skill.

DC: I like to mix and match.

DC: And to manage that transition brilliantly, so do the Falcons.

JA: Perhaps it's time for us to do some mixing and matching.

JA: So, I ask you, Dave, to complete this sentence: "With the 27th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Dave Choate thinks the Falcons select..."

DC: ... Georgia defensive end Justin Houston.

DC: And I recognize that recent news has cast a dark pall on his draft status, but I don't think it's going to put teams off from him entirely.

DC: He's too talented and too good a fit for the Falcons.

JA: Nice pick. I like Houston's potential, and you can't argue with his pass rush ability. Solid selection, Dave.

DC: I'll take that praise, and raise you your draft pick.

DC: Who is it?

JA: ... Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn.

JA: I know, I know. You have reservations, but of all the defensive ends likely to be available at that time, Clayborn is the truest 4-3 defensive end. I like his pass rush ability, and he can really stop a play before it gets started.

DC: See, I like the guy. I guess I'm just wondering if he can be a successful pass rusher at the NFL level.

DC: Smarter people than me have explored that, though.

JA: I think that's a fair reservation to have of any potential player coming into the league. There's something about his ruthless style of play that I really like to see out of a defensive lineman coming in, and I've heard he's pretty sharp and coachable.

DC: I don't doubt it.

DC: And given my track record with Falcons draft picks, if I don't like him, he'll probably be a star.

DC: You win my tentative approval, sir.

JA: Quite so, quite so. Now, "With the 59th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Dave Choate thinks the Falcons select..."

DC: I think it'll be Troy wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan.

DC: Or J.J. Birdman, as I am wont to call him.

DC: Dude's got wheels and versatility, and this team loves sport utility players.

DC: What do you think?

JA: I am starting to think that JJ might be gone by the time the Falcons' second round pick comes along. If the Falcons trade up, I can definitely see him being the pick. But since he's not there and they're not trading up, I've got the Falcons taking...

JA: Boise State wide receiver Titus Young.

JA: I think he exhibits a lot of the same qualities Jernigan possesses, but he's made his accomplishments on a slightly bigger stage. I love his speed and versatility, and I think he's the type of receiver who is impossible to overthrow.

DC: I do like him, and as a second round pick, he'd be tremendous value.

DC: I think we've discussed how great the name Titus is, too.

JA: It's very Greek god-ish.

DC: It is. Greek God of Receptions!

JA: And we will all bow down.

JA: All right, Dave. Last one for our projections. Who do the Falcons select with their third round pick in your mind?

DC: This is where it gets awful tough, because I can see them going in so many different directions.

JA: Do explain.

DC: Well, you have needs at tight end, offensive line, linebacker, running back... There's a lot of choices.

DC: Honestly, given the team's focus on upgrading the offense, I see it being running back Alex Green from Hawaii.

DC: Very, very good back.

JA: Wow, out of left field right there. What do you like about him?

DC: He's extremely balanced, in my mind. Underrated blocker, decent pass catcher, good mix of speed and power.

DC: The third round might be a little early for him, but he's a riser and he's an excellent fit with his versatility.

JA: Fair argument. And so nicely put together.

DC: What can I say? I like to paint my arguments with a brush made of rainbows.

DC: And now I must know who you think the Falcons will pick. I'm guessing it's not Alex Green.

JA: It's not. But I completely agree that there are a lot of different directions the Falcons can go. Luckily, there's great talent and value available in the third round this year. But I'm going to stick with the same position you chose, running back.

JA: I'm thinking it's Eastern Washington running back Taiwan Jones.

DC: Interesting choice.

JA: The more I see of this kid, the more I like him. He's pure speed, and he's got excellent, excellent hands out of the backfield. You want to talk about change-of-pace, you want to talk about Jones. I think he brings a different element to the offense right off the bat.

DC: The only thing that scares me with him is injury issues, but talent-wise, he'd be an awesome fit.

DC: As much explosiveness as a kerosene cocktail stuffed into a shotgun.

JA: I couldn't have said it better. And to wrap up our wacky draft chats for 2011, I feel it's only fitting to ask you to give three more picks, but perhaps a little more, well, wacky, yet realistic.

DC: If I had to go off the rails a little bit.

DC: I'd vote for Wisconsin tackle Gabe Carimi, Miami defensive end Allen Bailey and Nevada tight end Virgil Green.

DC: Love me some Virgilante.

JA: Ahh, excellent. That would turn some heads, but certainly a possible trio of picks.

JA: For me, I'd say Allen Bailey in the second, Virgil Green in the third, and for the first?

JA: Alabama running back Mark Ingram.

DC: Whoa.

DC: Ingram, eh?

JA: Yeah, I know. It sounds weird, but I think he'll fall to the late 20s, and he may be the type where, if he's there, you pluck him up.

DC: You know, I don't think that's totally far-fetched.

JA: I don't think so either. But we'll have to let the fans decide. We've said all along that we wouldn't make picks because our egos bruise easily, but I can see our selections leading to some healthy debate leading into tomorrow night's first round.

DC: I love a healthy debate.

DC: Even when I'm so often wrong.

JA: Well, I'm sure we'll both be wrong once the dust settles, but I sure have enjoyed having you join me for spirited draft discussion this year.

DC: It's been a delight, Jay.

DC: We'll have plenty to talk about during and after the draft, too.

DC: Especially if the Falcons trade for all 32 seventh round picks.

You can debate these picks with Jay on Twitter or with Dave on Twitter.

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