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Monday Mailbag


Welcome to managing editor Jay Adams' blog-style posts where Jay JAWS about the Falcons. JAWS, of course, stands for Jay Adams Writes Stuff, which means all the Falcons news and information that slips through the cracks — and some that doesn't — can be found right here in these posts

We're back with another edition of Mailbag Monday, where I take fan questions that were submitted through and provide them with answers that, in my mind, are informative and well-thought-out.

If you're interested in having your question be a part of Mailbag Monday, check out my page and submit your question. You can do it completely anonymously and you don't have to sign up for anything. Easy.

On to the mailbag:

Question: Do you think Michael Jenkins is going to maintain as the No. 2 wide receiver this year?

Answer: I think it's far too early to give this an in-depth answer because there's so much that can happen between now and then, but I think Jenkins had a fantastic 2010 season despite missing much of training camp, the entire preseason and the first few weeks of the regular season. I think we saw exactly how much he means to the offense when he was on the shelf early in the season. The only reason I'm hesitant to come out with an emphatic yes has to do with the draft and what the Falcons are targeting. Word around the national media campfire is that a wide receiver could be taken within the first three rounds for the Falcons, so if that's the case, Jenkins could have some competition heading into camp. But, I'd be very surprised if a rookie was able to unseat him in just one training camp.

Q: How would you feel if the Falcons got Delaware quarterback Pat Devlin in the seventh round?

A: I don't think quarterback is a need right now (and obviously, we're talking about backup QBs here), but I guess there's some question as to how many more seasons Chris Redman has in him. Still, there's no reason to believe the Falcons would carry, Matt Ryan, Redman, John Parker Wilson and another QB on the roster. Even putting one of them on the practice squad seems to be a stretch. The only reason I could see a quarterback drafted by the Falcons would be to provide some camp competition for the No. 2 spot behind Ryan, perhaps to even push Wilson to a new level. If that's the case, it really doesn't matter who the pick would be — Devlin or other — because whoever the second and third QBs are wouldn't see time with Ryan healthy.

Q: I want to get a friend of mine with much potential a tryout with the Falcons. Got any suggestions?

A: The Falcons don't hold any sort of open tryouts, so I'm terribly sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Best of luck to your friend, though!

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