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Matt Bryant leading charge of Falcons' support for Houston following Hurricane Harvey


ATLANTA, Ga. – While watching the devastation from Hurricane Harvey that took place all over the city of Houston, Matt Bryant, a Houston native, was in shock.


"You see videos of people riding boats down streets and you see the street signs on top of mail boxes" Bryant said. "It's kind of surreal. It was tough"

Bryant grew up in Bridge City, Texas, a suburb of Houston and his family still lives there. Fortunately for Bryant and his family, no flooding took place in their house.

Although Bryant's family escaped the damage to their house, it brought unprecedented damage for many in South Texas and Louisiana.

After watching what took place in his hometown, Bryant wanted to get involved in helping his city recover from what took place.

And Bryant knows he has the platform to make a significant impact.

Bryant has identified a local organization in Bridge City where 100 percent of donations made will go to support the families that have been effected by the storm.

Beginning next week, Bryant's teammates and coaches, along with Blank Family of Businesses associates and families will have the opportunity to make a donation and donate items to support this cause.

Bryant couldn't be more appreciative of the support his teammates and coaches are showing for this cause.

"The guys contributing to this is big," Bryant said. "I'm very appreciative and talking with our mayor back in Bridge City and the people there, I know they are appreciative as well."

A semi-truck will leave Atlanta early next week to begin delivering the items to Bridge City.

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