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LB Curtis Lofton Post-Game Interview


What where you thoughts on the defense?

"I think we played okay, but there are a lot of areas where we need improvement. Once we watch the film, I'm looking forward to making those improvements."

Does the pre-season consist of watching more film than actually playing on the field?

"Going into this first pre-season game you don't have a clue what the offense is going to run. You really don't have much of a game plan, but once you play more games and watch more film, everything starts to come together. Overall, watching film helps you to react and prepare for situations, but there is nothing like playing in the game and applying what you saw in films and learning for yourself."


LB Sean [Weatherspoon] said his head was spinning while he was in the game. Did you see any of that, or did you feel comfortable with him being in the game?**

"I felt very comfortable with him being out there. As a rookie, things move a lot faster on the field. He asked a lot of questions and I had to put him in the right spots a few times, but he's learning a lot and he's going to be okay."

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